Government and Local Authorities: Provide appropriate and targeted services to Latin American women victims of violence.

Latin American women in London are strong, proud, loving….but can also be marginalized, abused, beaten, raped…
There is a longstanding problem of violence affecting Latin American women in the UK. As an ethnic minority that has been traditionally invisible, LA women face many barriers to escape from violence, reach safety and secure services. At LAWRS, we see around 400 women victims of domestic violence a year. Latin American women need you to support their fight for equality demanding to the local authorities the provision of services targeted to this still invisible community in the UK, demanding official recognition and appropriate funding for support services
Latin Americans are one of the fastest growing populations in the UK with 186,500 Latin Americans in 2008 and numbers increasing. Almost 70% of them have perceived discrimination and most experience high levels of in-work poverty and workplace abuse, with most people employed in catering and cleaning and 10% earning below the National Minimum Wage. In spite of being a highly educated community- most LAs are in vulnerable jobs working long and anti-social shifts, where the options of exiting poverty are very limited. Access to services is also limited with 1 in 5 not registered with GPs and only 1 in 5 receiving any form of State support.
Latin American migrant women are highly vulnerable to gender abuse/violence - in intimate relationships, within the family and at work - with such risks heightened by immigration status, poor levels of English language and lack of knowledge on how the UK system works. Many remain trapped in abusive relationships for years and someexperience imprisonment and having documents confiscated by partners. There is also agrowing number of women trafficked into prostitution into the UK, increased Internet grooming of young LA women who come here to fall into a pattern of violence and abuse and violence related to honour. Despite heightened vulnerability, Latin American women are less likely to have recourse to support, safety and protection from violence and abuse.
Latin American women survivors of violence live in a constant struggle for survival, where many of their human rights are non-existent.
This won’t be solved until we are recognized as an ethnic minority and there are appropriate services targeted to respond to LA women’s needs and funding for organisations supporting them.
We are asking for a zero tolerance to violence to LA women
We call on the Government and Local Authorities to:
Recognize Latin Americans as an official ethnic minority
Provide appropriate and targeted services to LA women victims of violence and abuse.
Secure funding for specialist community organizations responding to the needs of LA women and other minorities victims of violence and abuse.
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Latin American Women's Rights Service (LAWRS)


Latin American Women's Rights Service (LAWRS)


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  • NATASHA I petitioned my MP for this a few days ago! I have been sick to my stomach after realising this year how abused LA women within young and older relationships and by WHITE AND ETHNIC males.

  • Alba Recognize Latin Americans as an official ethnic minority
    Provide appropriate and targeted services to LA women victims of violence and abuse.

  • Aleyda Correa Yes Latin women In UK are isolated
    and walking with eye open in the dark,they cannot see or said hurt or abused them .because from darkness and the invisibility revenge will flowed up. There is no protection ,no opportunities for a dream and better new life .

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