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We the undersigned, being taxpayers, voters, and full-time residents of Bedford NH, request that no more apartments be approved, particularly the current 120-unit building being planned for Bow Lane off Chestnut drive which has now revised its plan and is asking to build 93 units.

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*** DEVELOPERS for MARKET and MAIN and TWO OTHER DEVELOPERS are attempting to override current zoning which protects from too many apartments in the PZ. There is 'opportunity' for WFH, but restrictions on numbers and locations. Please join our mailing list to know what to do, if anything, to make sure the town abides by current zoning laws, as passed in March of 2019!***

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The BRA was successful in amending zoning laws on March 12, 2019 when amendments #2-#6 passed and #7 failed.

This petition will continue to collect names to help keep bringing awareness of the ongoing problem of "new urbanism" that has come to Bedford. Further, the Governor is attempting to impose an egregious new LAW that would override your votes at town meetings and redirect boards to give perks and permissions to developers regardless of your wishes!

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Please read about 'new urbanism' and the philosophy behind it.

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UPDATE: The GOVERNOR DID NOT VETO SB 241 commuter rail boondoggle.

Commuter rail goes hand in hand with new urbanism. Please sign!

Get involved! We need for the March 2020 town elections, 10 weeks away -

ONE candidates for Town Council
TWO candidates for School Board

FOUR to volunteer for Planning Board.
(and 3-4 candidates for State Representative)

After a new TC is elected in March of 2020 they will APPOINT FOUR NEW PLANNING BOARD MEMBERS. Email us for more information.



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