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We the undersigned, being taxpayers, voters, and full-time residents of Bedford NH, request that no more apartments be approved, particularly the current 120-unit building being planned for Bow Lane off Chestnut drive as described in this Union Leader article.

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The only way to effectively control this undesirable growth is to amend our zoning laws right here in Bedford.

This can only be done by VOTING at our upcoming town meeting on March 12, 2019 at BHS from 7AM-7PM.

Here is a link to the amendments and recommendations for how we hope you will vote.

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PLEASE USE YOUR FULL NAME, and a VALID EMAIL so that we can check your status as a Bedford Resident. ONLY Bedford residents should sign. Signatures that are not valid, have no last name, or bad emails, will be removed along with inappropriate comments.

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Join us at the Zoning Board meeting on JANUARY 15, 2019 at the Lurgio Middle School Cafeteria.

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Please read about 'new urbanism' and the philosophy behind it.

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