KCD Devs say they're Done with Console Updates, But we still need a Quality of Life Update

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Things that should be fixed or added to improve flaws in the game. This will only fix broken mechanics and quality of life to improve player experience. Feel free to add. I will be creating a Petition for this. PC has the ability to improve and make wonderful additions to this game, but sadly consoles don't.

Level 20 Maintenance= Should be able to Repair all Equipment.

Bandit Camp Dogs= Stealth Users have problems with these dogs, The Dog Perk should not disable them from attacking but it should allow you to get 50% closer without them noticing you. Also, The hit-boxes need to be enlarged because you cannot hit them a lot.

Working Hoods= Just allow them to go up and if you wear any other headgear it automatically goes down and it should. Most should have excellent stealth stats. Even if you sell a few separate Hoods in the tailor that can be worn by itself only with great stealth stats.

Stealth Locking Picking= Currently if you pick a lock while in stealth mode and you break a pick, The player backs out and stands up and ducks back down in a very weird animation. I think that could be easily fixed

Henry/Bandit Inventory Looting= Currently when you loot a Bandit or NPC you cannot see Henry's stats to see if the gear your about to loot is better or worse. I would like to see the Henry gear stats be shown when looting. It shows in Vending/Trader, why not looting

Gear Dirty= Even after the perk, Gear still gets dirty way to fast. Its not realistic. Should be slowed down by 75%

Arrows Inventory= Arrows seem to be allocated into different stats when the condition is 100, Hopefully, they can fix this.

Map Cursor= Needs to be a bright color, sometimes it can be hard to see/locate

Adjust Enemy AI wearing Heavy Armor= They should not move around like someone in Light Armor. They should be slower and exhaust more stamina but have much higher protection.

I will be adding more in the next few days. Sign Here https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/kcd-devs-say-theyre-done-with-console-updates

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