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Attention Cabal 2 Staff: We Need Change

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Hello, I'm Frostbyte (formerly Fr0stbyte). Many of you may know me, many of you may not. I've been a big supporter of Cabal 2 for a long time now. My wife (fataldesires) and I have played together since Open Beta and we're the leaders of a guild known as Sovereign (one of the first three guilds to win an emblem.)

I've done what I can for this game.. created a Community Discord channel (202 users total now), created since the staff shut down the official forums, I've given the staff many many ideas they could have implemented into the game - which we've yet to see. I've even tried to become a GA (Game Advisor) to help them out! Etc, etc.

To The Point:

Ever since the level 60 cap patch came, there have been so many issues with Cabal 2. Some have been fixed (such as the lack of Arena, Monster Arena, FT, & MC for 2 months; guild emblems are finally back; guild max went back up to 125 when they lowered it to 100). However, a lot has still gone undone.

  • [GM] Icee left the company after the 60 patch. Once she left, they've yet to fill her spot with a new GM - while Cabal 1 has how many GMs?
  • We used to have a 50% bonus on something every weekend.. this has suddenly disappeared when we were promised this would stay in place.
  • MAJOR: Every single mob in the game has been buffed in attack power and defense.. this not only makes it harder for veterans doing their new dailies, but my god, the new players have it rough. This is a major bug that needs to be fixed.. however, tickets don't seem to be getting the point across. Instead we the players get generic responses because it seems no one is really in charge of this game anymore.
  • There is basically NO communication between the staff and players besides "Maintenance" postings - in which there are no details of what is being done. We're getting no real interaction from the staff.
  • It now takes 10 minutes to send a mail message once you send one (this is an issue if you're sending a piece of gear to someone, then need to send one to someone else - among other problems with this.) This is a lesser issue, but still needs to be addressed.
  • As mentioned, the official forums were shut down. Why? We've never been given an answer.
  • I'd discussed Easy Mode dungeons for newer players a while back with the devs, and they agreed it was a good idea - however this has yet to come back.
  • Where are our events? Cabal 1 has events all the time.. where are they in Cabal 2??
  • I personally have tickets that have been "Escalated" for 4 months now. What kind of customer service is this??
  • MAJOR: We at the NA Server don't have the full 60 patch yet.. I've checked the Thai server myself and they have more dungeons, equips, store options, etc than we have here.. Why don't we have these on the NA Server?
  • Patch notes with Maintenance would be nice as well.. it'd be good to know what's going on. Communication is key.


This list could go on and on. However, I'll stop here for now and ask one simple thing. Please take the time to sign this petition and also send in a ticket to Cabal 2 Support linking this petition showing them that we want change. The game is dying. So many veterans have left. We need change.

PS: When you click Sign Petition, it may ask for a donation. DO NOT give any money. There is nothing the money will be going to. I don't know why ipetitions added that feature.

PPS: We're aiming for 150 signatures. Once we reach 150, I'll bump it up to 200.

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