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I have asked a few times to be a GA/Game Advisor for Cabal 2. I've been given the website to apply for GM, but there are never any openings. I'm just hoping to get your support for when an opening arises, so that maybe I will be chosen.

Qualities that could make me a goodGA::

  • I'm online often when I'm not working, therefore I can help those who shout in world chat for a GMs assistance.
  • Players love running dungeons and such with GMs. I would be more available than most GMs to do so.
  • Such as is in my guild, I prefer a drama-free community. I've been involved in 'some' conflict, but never started it and also ended it level headed.
  • I do not take sides in conflict unless I personally see what was done or written, usually through screen shots.
  • I have already reported many bugs, ideas, and potential game changes/additions through either the forums or tickets.
  • I am active on the Cabal 2 forums.
  • A GA who actually plays the game can see the issues and bugs in the game better than just words and screen shots from a ticket.
  • I have played for well over a year and consider myself a veteran to this region's version of Cabal 2. With a clean playing record the whole time.
  • The position for GA I am requesting is to help the community and game overall and does not require being a paid position.



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