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Barry's Bay Citizens' Forum: Petition Against the Xplornet Internet Tower

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Summary: Xplornet is planning to build a 60m high 4G LTE Internet Tower on the corner of Biernacki Mountain Road and Windy City Lane to provide high power wireless internet broadcast in the Barry's Bay area. There are real concerns about the bio-impact of this radiation emitting antenna tower. Technology must work with nature and respect people's health and freedoms.

Up to now you had a choice whether you wanted wireless microwave band radiation in your home. That choice has been taken away. Your home environment will be saturated 24/7 by the pulsed digital radiation of a high power cell tower, whose cumulative absorption (SAR) values have been shown to cause adverse health effects such as -- sperm damage, DNA breaks, increased glucose in the brain, weakened bones, genetic stress, immune system dysfunction, effects on unborn children.

Most troubling are links to Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, brain tumours, breast cancer, brain cancer, and tumor growth. Over-exposure first manifests as sleep disturbances, headaches, brain fog, and gastrointestinal distress as the auto immune system struggles against the extra load of “electrosmog”.

There are over 220 peer reviewed medical studies that link these effects to cell tower exposure. For those within 400 meter, cancer rates rise to 40 times and recent studies now show effect even up to a 2 kilometre radius. Plants suffer from stunted growth. Migratory birds become disoriented, and insects, especially bees which we rely upon for pollination, suffer colony collapse when exposed to even small doses of this radiation. This unsafe use of wireless has a marked impact on the environment.

Xplornet's tower plan relies on the Federal Government's antiquated 1970's guideline, Safety Code 6, which was developed long before the Wireless Revolution to deal with thermal (heat) effect; its tests conducted on a 200 lb. manikin exposed for 6 minutes. It has no allowance for children, pregnant women, or sensitive individuals, nor cumulative low-level exposure. As an electromagnetic radiation standard it is 30 years out of date.

Our health legislation lags desperately behind other countries and medical science. We ask you to say 'no' to this tower and as a Canadian citizen living in a free democratic system to have your voice respected. Please sign this petition which will be presented to our MP, MPP, and Madawaska Planning Office, Industry Canada (now ISED), and Xplornet.

Education is key to the common good and the stewardship of creation. Please attend the new and engaging documentary, “Generation Zapped” at St. Hedwigs Parish Hall from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Q/A to follow.

Also, please join us at the Opeongo Seniors Centre, 19 Stafford Street, on Thursday October 26th, 2017 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm to voice you concerns before Xplornet representatives and government officials which we have asked be in attendance.

Barry's Bay Citizen's Forum (BBCF) is working to protect the health, welfare, and community voice of all those living in the Madawaska Valley. More information about this community action can be found at: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/barrys-bay-tow...

Or, by contacting: Tony Casta | 613-756-6410 | arc3@stmaxmedia.com

Technology must work with nature, respect people's health and freedoms, and strive forward to the building of the Common Good.

So, we the undersigned demand that the tower not be built, and certainly not in the midst of a residential area among young children. Further we will boycott all Xplornet services unless an equitable solution is reached respecting the concerns of the community.

This issue is not going away as it is a core freedom of choice issue. You may smoke in your house. You may play loud music and drink whiskey in your house. You may use WiFi, and Dect Cordless Phones and all such products in your house. But do not force all people to do the same, and in a public space. That is what your client Xplornet's tower "product" foists unwillingly and unwittingly upon our people -- to participate, even as non-subscribers, in the 'exposure' of your client's product. To be clear, we choose not to have 4G or the new upcoming 5G in our community.

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th Century was an assault on human rights, and the environment, for the sake of 'technology' and progress. Looking back from today's vantage we would call that period 'primitive' as we can produce those same products, and much better, more efficiently with far less impact on the environment or without the denial of human and worker rights for the sake a perceived "greater good". Legislation eventually caught up with science/health and with human rights, but only after great civil upheaval and the threat of revolutions. The Wireless Revolution today is much the same. It is in its primitive stage trying to force itself upon communities in modes that affront our democratic processes and medical/environmental science. Legislation by way of Safety Code 6 lags 30 years behind.

Again, technology must work with nature, and respect people's health and freedom. It must support the building of the commonweal. I have hopes that it can as we develop compression algorithms that lessen the need for brute force microwave frequencies and as we probe healthier delivery spectrum. For the sake of our Canadian democracy and our stewardship of the earth, it must.

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