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Allow the Installation of PVC/Vinyl Fence in Diamond Cove

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In Short: This petition is for the HOA to allow the change of fencing in the Diamond Cove neighborhood to PVC/Vinyl rather than the wooden shadowbox. Please only sign as a homeowner and one signature per household. In the name box please type your family name and your address so the HOA can verify that the names match up with the addresses. You can choose to not show your name/address publicly if you want to do so if you enter both in the name box.



The majority of the wooden fences in Diamond Cove are rotting, moldy, discolored, falling apart from rot or in need of a new coat of paint. It is the number one cause of making the neighborhood look run down and is hurting not only the curb appeal of our homes but also the home values in the neighborhood. The future of fencing is PVC/Vinyl! It is strong, easy to care for and long lasting as well as being a beautiful looking fence. It is understood that the wooden shadowbox is the only option currently available to residents who want to install a fence. However it is now 2020, and we should move with the times and switch the fence option to the more modern and much more desirable option of vinyl/PVC. The HOA management company are denying the change and they state that "Only a few people have asked to install vinyl fences" so now is the time to show them that there is a much bigger demand for vinyl fencing than they think. We need 118 signatures to make this change. Please read below for why vinyl fencing is the best option for now and the future!


1. Minimal Maintenance. Vinyl fencing can easily be cleaned with a hose, and it doesn’t require any strenuous or routine maintenance. In fact, it requires hardly any maintenance at all! Vinyl retains its color wonderfully, so you won’t have to worry about staining or repainting like you would with a wooden fence. Plus, because so little maintenance is needed, you will also save time and money on repairs and maintenance supplies. It’s the perfect choice for a homeowner who wants a beautiful fence without having to work for it. Of all the benefits of vinyl fencing, its minimal maintenance is likely the most beloved.

2. Strength. Vinyl is about five times stronger than wood. That’s right—five times stronger! And it won’t decompose or fall prey to pests, so you can expect it to last for decades. Plus, since vinyl doesn’t absorb moisture, it won’t blister, rot, or peel. You can place it near a swimming pool or sprinkler without any worries. Wood, on the other hand, is known to be a target for termites and is very susceptible to moisture damage. So if you like the look of wood, consider vinyl for a similar appearance without the many risks.

3. Flexibility. Strength and flexibility are a perfect combination. If you live in an area with harsh winds, strong precipitation, or taxing winters, the flexibility of vinyl fencing will help it stay standing and remain beautiful.

4. Affordability. Especially when you consider the cost of maintenance, vinyl is a very affordable fencing option. It is significantly cheaper than wood or iron, and it offers additional savings when you take into account the fence’s maintenance (or lack thereof) and longevity. You won’t need to pay for paints, stains, or treatments, and you won’t have to replace your fence for a very long time.

5. Easy Installation. Vinyl fencing is so easy to install, many homeowners choose to tackle the task on their own. Most of the pieces will slide and lock into place, and the posts must be secured to the ground. If you do decide to hire someone to install your vinyl fence, you’ll appreciate that the cost of installation will be lower than if you had purchased wrought iron or any other heavy, difficult-to-work-with fencing material. Plus, once the fence is installed, you won’t have to worry about painting or staining it.

6. Privacy. Unlike aluminum or iron, vinyl fencing can offer complete privacy. One-piece panels are available, eliminating the usual spaces between individual posts. Because of this, vinyl is perfect for backyards, pool enclosures, and perimeter fences hiding dumpsters or mechanical equipment. Some of these fences are six or eight feet high, tall enough to ensure privacy and hide the enclosed space from view.

7. Attractive Aesthetics. Vinyl fencing is available in a variety of different styles, from privacy and picket fences to ornamental and post-and-rail fences. You’re sure to find a design that complements the surrounding area as well as your desires for the fence’s aesthetics. Although most vinyl fences are only available in white and tan, these classic shades suit most applications. Plus, if you were considering purchasing a wood fence, you’ll be please with the way that vinyl mimics its appearance while also offering all of the benefits above that wood lacks (resistance to mold and termites, lack of maintenance, low cost, etc).

8. Lifetime Warranty. Most vinyl fences come with a lifetime warranty, providing you with comfort and confidence as your fence faces formidable foes like winter weather and strong winds. Warranties do vary from company to company, of course, and product to product. Explore your options, but rest assured that typically a lifetime or lifetime-limited warranty accompanies the purchase of a vinyl fence. Your warranty will allow you to rest assured, knowing that your investment will be protected for many years to come.

The only reason to not approve the change from wood to vinyl/PVC is because its just how its been done in the past and to keep a consistent look with the other homeowners, but we should aim to be a progressive neighborhood that's not afraid to make changes now for the benefit of all residents and the neighborhood's curb appeal and value, afterall when change is made there is always a transition period however it is for the improvment of the neighborhood.

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