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Iam petitioning for an award to be created and named after Elvis Presley. I have written a letter outlining my idea and sent it to all the key places. I started a Facebook group that is over 1800 strong. I have also begun an on-line petition for the award. I have sent portfolios to EPE outlining my idea. Amongst the members who support the Elvis Award are The Kin of Rock and Roll, Extended Presley Family Network,Ms. Kathy Westmoreland, Mr. Marty Lacker, Mr. Joe Esposito, Mr. Larry Geller, Mr. Cory Cooper, Ms. Linda Thompson, Mr. D.J. Fontana, Mr. Phillips, the Facebook group for Mr. Charlie Hodge. The Elvis Information Network. As well as many others who love and admire Elvis Presley. I have no hidden agenda or desire to gain anything from this. It seems to me that this award is common sense and I cannot believe that it’s never occurred to anyone. Not only is the honor to Elvis well deserved, but for all our sakes, it’s something that would enrich our lives. It would be a way for him to keep giving thirty two years after he left us. To be able to inspire others to be the kind of human being that he was is nothing short of a small miracle. Why would we NOT want to do this I really hope this is possible. Elvis’ fans who I am very proud to be one of, have been 110 percent behind me…They have been so supportive and helpful and kind! This is what Elvis Presley has always been about: Bringing people together, kindness and generosity. How fitting if he is honored this way and it all came about through good people working together with no thought to personal gain. Only to better the world we all live in. Elvis Presley was admired and cherished in life. Years after his passing his memory continues to light our lives, and so it is fitting that we continue to admire and cherish this wonderful man. "Imagine a world where humanity and humanitarianism are one and the same. Imagine an award that would inspire humanity to be kinder, gentler, giving, loving; a humanity that works together with no thought to personal gain, only to better our existence, and you will have imagined into our existence The Elvis PresleyHumanitarian Award.

"Always for Elvis."

Marianne Hurrell

This is a non- profit venture. Please DO NOT donate any money.

Lady Gaga donates 1 Million dollars to charity.

Compassion, humanity and humility is needed to understand how to transform this materialistic, selfish and judgemental world we live in.....I understand now why it's so difficult to get this award created on behalf of Elvis. We need humanitarians to make it happen. Not self rightous judgemental," whats in it for me individuals". I thought I'd give it one more try..... Re: Lady Gaga candidate to receive The Elvis award.
Comments like Lady Gaga is not a suitable candidate to receive this award or she insulted Elvis' legacy, or just because she donated money doesn't make her a good person, I say,what is it that makes her unsuitable? What of the ones Elvis himself left behind ? What have they done to not insult his legacy? What has Stefania done to make her not a good person? Who are we to judge ?
Gaga isnot only a fine example of humanitarianism, but also sadly,an example of how the younger generation views Elvis. Elvis would praise her, I know it. I just wish somebody would step up and help rectify how she and others of the new generation should berembering Elvis. Although being Elvis , I'm sure he could care less how he is remembered as long as remembering him helps others in need.
By: Hurrell Marianne


Marianne Hurrell at Non profit.Petitioning for suport for THE ELVIS PRESLEY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE.



  • Sandra Van Horn
    Sandra Van Horn United States, Dayton
    Aug 27, 2016
    Aug 27, 2016
    Would be so wonderful to honor him in this way!
  • Maxine Graybill
    Maxine Graybill United States, Plant City
    Aug 27, 2016
    Aug 27, 2016
    No other artist has the following nor has given so much to so many in his lifetime as Elvis. Long after we re gone from this earth no one will ever ask, ELVIS WHO????
    SKIPPY SHEILA Australia, Perth
    Aug 26, 2016
    Aug 26, 2016
    Long overdue !!
  • Pamela
    Pamela United States, Russellville
    Aug 09, 2016
    Aug 09, 2016
    He so deserves this, after all he did for everyone.
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