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Fidem Turbāre

Fidem Turbāre

I'm Fidem Turbāre, the non-existent atheist goddess. I am an advocate for freedom and critical thinking with an emphasis on impartiality. If you wish to honour me, don't do it with worship or by believing in me (you can send a postcard to me at the mailing address on my web site), rather I might suggest that you proclaim "I do not believe in Fidem Turbāre, the non-existent atheist goddess." My official web site address is: Atheism is not a position, it's a classification of "absence of belief in deities and supernatural agents" (examples of supernatural agents include angels, demons, psychic powers, celestial realms, etc., which aren't deities themselves although they depend on and/or support deities). Atheism: I enjoy the challenge of debate, particularly on topics of freedom of thought and freedom of expression. On occasion I might intentionally build a straw woman argument (which is the same as the straw man fallacy, but with a dash of serious humour because I'm concerned that there may be an excess of straw men seeking female companionship), but I'll always make a concerted effort to point out when I am building one (which is something that most straw people builders seldom, if ever, do -- from this I've broken traditions on two fronts, one has to do with the sex of the straw person, and the other is to admit to building straw people up beforehand, and I'd be delighted if others also joined me in breaking these traditions for the sake of all straw people).

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