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Zynga / Farmville's Future - Do you care ??

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To: Zynga Management & Decision Makers

DO you care about your loyal customers? Is Farmville a game you desire to continue to support and grow? You still have a chance to restore confidence in your loyal customers opinions about YOU and how YOU care about them!

We the undersigned, request that you seriously consider the needs of your customers, and work diligently to restore the confidence in your Company and its' products. specifically in this case Farmville. We have been playing this game for years, and it has had its moments of enjoyment, and we love it when something is added that promotes player interaction! After all this is intended to be a Social game, and to foster communities of players.

We don't want to leave you with a vague request or statement so we have provided here within this petition some ideas of how to restore the enjoyment to Farmville, Foster/Promote player interaction, and increase our confidence in the Zynga Leadership, that they truly care about their players. Right now the abundant perception is quite the opposite, and we would very much like to see it turn around to the positive.

The following requests are in no particular order, ALL of them, or any one of them would help in restoring player confidence!

1. Create a brand new player council (fresh perspective) of veteran players. LISTEN TO THEM, and seriously consider their suggestions! Make the information/meeting notes/updates available to players within the game. Communication is essential in this area.

2. Achieve a better balance between items players have to pay real money for, and items that can be acquired for free or by using in game coins. Right now there is a significant imbalance in this area! For example; stop charging real money for land increases, after all a player who increases their farm size is likely to buy other items to fill that space, especially if you have been kind enough to provide the extra space for free. When you make a change in the game that players work hard to acquire, and then cheapen the gifts/items that can be obtained you lose respect with your player community (i.e.; darts, raffle tickets). Strive to keep a strong commitment to fresh inventory/items, or allow the players to trade in the item/building that they worked so hard to create for a decent compensation.

3. Establish an in-game economy and players market, where anything a player creates or produces, or owns can be bought/sold between players. Let the players set the price, and let the economy (supply and demand drive the price). THIS IS HUGE !! You would be going a LONG way to improving playability and player confidence by making this a reality! This will also have the side benefit of significantly reducing game posting spam to the main wall feed (100+ waters, seeds, building materials, etc.)

4. Review those in-game activities that are consuming significant player time (quests, countdown calendars, weekly leader boards, # of farms, etc. We veteran players are being overwhelmed by the amount of things to do, and both new players and experienced players are leaving the game because of it! Many players feel like it is another job, and no longer "fun". There is the rational that you could just ignore those extra things to do, but the reality is even if you ignore it, you still feel obligated to helping your friends. Consider a review of how much time it takes to really play Farmville, and look to optimize tasks in the game to reduce the burden on players.

5, Working with a new player council, consider how to improve the social aspects of the game. We use to visit each others farms in the past, this is no longer achievable for many reasons, and YOU should be looking at ways to improve this aspect of the game. After all a strong and vibrant player community is what will make a game profitable! Think of decent rewards that promote stronger player interaction (not competition). Consider how to make a better experience for new players. Perhaps determining a way to promote veteran players to helping new players with specific perks/rewards to veterans who do so.

6. Improve game performance and playability! The orchard and animal pen harvesters were a great idea for improved playability and reducing time spent. However, you tainted it by making those items unavailable for in-game coins!! We are not completely ignorant to the fact that improved playability and performance would come at some expense to the player, but don't make us feel like we are paying for it directly. Come up with some ways to reduce load times and memory usage for each farm, it has become a serious issue causing many problems. Perhaps some created ways to reduce item count on each farm?

We are confident that their are some creative & bright minds at Zynga that also want to see this improve and become even more profitable and enjoyable to the players! Roll up those sleeves!! Know that if you show commitment to the player community and to those who have signed this petition, you will receive back much more than you put it!

The Farmville Player Community that Cares !!

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