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RECALL OR REMOVE ZICAM NASAL GEL FROM THE SHELVES ZICAM COLD REMEDY (a Matrixx Initiative, Inc. product) a homeopathic cold remedy (not approved by the FDA) NASAL GEL (nasal spray) has had thousands of complaints. These users, who properly utilized the product experienced a burning sensation reaction, then found themselves with a LOSS OF SMELL AND TASTE within 30 days. Many of these complaintants were later diagnosed by an ENT physician with ANOSMIA - the permanent loss of smell and taste. These victims had no history of head trauma, tumor, nasal obstruction, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps or other causes for this condition. This partial or total LOSS OF TWO SENSES was followed up by many with costly treatments of oral or aerosol: steroids, anti-inflamatories, plus MRI and CAT scans, only to find no remedy for this devastating side effect. In 2006, Matrixx quietly settled lawsuits from similar victims including one class action suit of approximately 340 plaintiffs for a total of $12 million. All the while the costly ($12 per bottle) ZICAM NASAL GEL (nasal spray) remained unchanged and on the shelves. And Matrixx claims no responsibility for, nor offers any warning to potential users concerning the possible side effect, even though there are numerous other ZICAM delivery vehicles on the shelves without this devastating side effect. Since then, thousands of new complaints have been issued and cases have been filed or are pending from victims with the exact same reaction and frightening diagnosis of ANOSMIA. Yet as victims claim that the main ingredient Zinc Gluconate has reached too high into their nasal cavity and has harmed their olfactory system (controlling their sense of smell), Matrixx responds by demanding that the victims prove their claim. As if hundreds of victims was not proof enough, to at least offer a warning. Plaintiffs offer proof of Zinc Gluconates harmful effect on the olfactory systems on humans in the past or of animals, and proof of this particular delivery system's ability to reach the olfactory system of cadavers. Matrixx continues to argue that this proof is not proof enough. And the product remains on the shelves. After that time Matrixx decided to introduce the development of their new "control tip" bottle, that supposedly prevents the gel from reaching as high into the nasal cavity as did their previous bottle design. Yet still no recall or warning has been issued on the product. So this petition is for the victims of the ZICAM NASAL GEL (nasal spray). For those who have suffered the loss of two senses; and the loss of the pleasure to experience the flavors and scents that fill our lives each day, of a good cup of coffee, of the freshly cut grass, of the flowers in spring and the aromas and flavor of the holiday dinners, or the smell of their loved ones when they hold them close. This petition is for those who have sitting on their shelf a bottle of ZICAM Nasal Gel, ready to use on the next onset of a cold, trusting that the product will bring some relief only to realize it may cause them irreparable harm. And for the future purchaser who unknowingly will purchase this product without fair warning of the possible side effect that my occur. Might that next victim be you or your loved one PLEASE HELP TO REMOVE THIS PRODUCT FROM THE SHELVES, OR AT LEAST LET IT BE KNOWN THROUGH WARNINGS THAT THE SIDE EFFECT DOES EXIST. Whether it occurs in every case or in only a few, shouldn't they have to follow the rule of medicine that says that they should "First do no harm" How many need to suffer for their profit Please sign. Thank you.


I am sponsoring this petition on behalf of my partner who has lost her ability to smell and taste through the use of this product. I have seen the damage this loss has caused her, the depression and the loss of her sense of security. Think about all that you do with those two senses, how much pleasure derives from these abilities. And consider the loss for yourself, because you or a loved one could be next. Check out the numerous complaints on the internet. Please help me to show my support in the effort to stop this from occurring again. Thank you for your participation.


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