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Zhunrize EBO SEC Petition

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First of all, we would like to express our appreciation to the SEC for their efforts in protecting the American public from being victims of fraudulent schemes offered by unscrupulous companies. However, we feel that the SEC has mistakenly charged Zhunrize and its CEO Jeff Pan for operating a fraudulent pyramid scheme, based on a complaint from an ex-employee whose motivation is the financial gain he expects to enjoy as the whistleblower.

We respectfully disagree with the SEC because their allegations are unfounded. The truth of the matter is as follows:

1. Each of us, the Zhunrize online business owners, have chosen to join Zhunrize and purchase an Online Savings Store because we see that this company is earnestly building a very attractive yet affordable TURNKEY ecommerce shopping store that provides its store owners with all the support for product sourcing, supply chain management, website design and hosting, shipping and logistics, customer services, technology backup and real time tracking, online marketing support with advanced technology tools, etc. This is not an investment scheme. Rather, it is a real turnkey online shopping business we are buying with great value proposition, and Zhunrize is charging us a small fraction of the cost that is required to build a fully functional online shopping business.

2. Zhuncity is still in its infancy, and we knew that it is evolving into the desirable shopping platform we want, even though it was not there yet and it will take time. During the last 18 months, our CEO has been working diligently with various manufacturers to secure the best deals for us. He has assembled an excellent product sourcing and merchandising team to give us a huge variety of products at very competitive prices, and to transform our Online Savings Store and greatly improve the functionality of it. We really appreciate the frequent updates we have been getting on the improvements that were made and we are pleased with its progress. We know our marketplace Zhuncity platform can only get better over time.

3. Zhunrize has provided us a set of marketing tools to facilitate our product sales efforts, and we have been attending weekly online training seminars to prepare ourselves for greater customer acquisition during the upcoming holiday shopping season. We know for a fact that our CEO was already on the verge of rolling out a new Zhuncity Online Savings Store that’s a very valuable and attractive shopping platform, when the SEC halted our operations in late September.

4. Our experience with the management of Zhunrize has been very positive. We truly trust our CEO and COO who have always demonstrated their sincerity in keeping our best interest at heart, and we appreciate their transparency and their unmatched work ethic. One glaring evidence is their humble lifestyle, the frugal nature of their expenditures and their refusal to indulge themselves in luxurious experiences even though such practice is common among many of their peers.

5. We also know for a fact that the corporate management team has presented a revised business plan focused more on customer acquisition that was scheduled to begin on November 1st (The starting date for Phase II of this eCommerce customer acquisition project). If it were not for the sudden SEC accusations and interruption, they would have already implemented the revised business plan that’s focused on customer acquisition.

Therefore, we are hereby petitioning for the TRO of Zhunrize to be dismissed immediately so that we will not be deprived of the real eCommerce income opportunity for tens of thousands of families. We respectfully ask for the funds to be unfrozen immediately so that we can resume operations in full compliance with direct sales laws. As a matter of fact, there was no victim until SEC placed the TRO on Zhunrize’s operations. We strongly believe that in their efforts to “protect” us, the SEC has unintentionally turned us into victims of an “unduly confiscated” income opportunity, thereby causing unnecessary hardship to tens of thousands of Zhunrize Online Store Owners during these tough economic times.

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