Quarantine Zebra Mussels

Ross Williams
Ross Williams 1405 Comments
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Whereas, Zebra mussels are an invasive species that are spreading to lakes throughout Minnesota, and

Whereas, Zebra mussel's razor sharp shells make beaches unsafe for children and require people to wear shoes to prevent cuts, and;

Whereas, Zebra mussels severely damage fishing on infested lakes by destroying the food chain from the bottom up, and

Whereas, Zebra mussels reproduce at explosive rates of 30,000 to a million per year for each adult.

We the undersigned urge the State of Minnesota to quarantine lakes that are infected with zebra mussels from those that are not yet infected. This quarantine can be enforced through separate licenses for boats to be used on lakes that are infected. Those boats would then be excluded from uninfected lakes.



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