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Bring Jesari and YoungTubersUnited back!

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All this text below, basically explains what is going on. If you already know, skip to the bottom. On Christmas Eve, Jesari, the boy who loved YouTube so much, He made his own shirt, Launched the biggest youth collaboration video on YouTube. It was featured on the front page, and on YouTube\'s own channel! YoungTubersUnited was born. YoungTubersUnited, was basically, a whole bunch of kids making videos (that mattered)on YouTube. Some were even featured. In June, Jesari and YoungTubersUnited were suspended. No reason was given. We checked all the TOS rules.. Nothing was violated.. NOTHING! Age No. Both Jesari AND YoungTubersUnited were created, run, and monitored by Jesse\'s father. 16 DAYS LATER... YouTube FINALLY decides that they would tell them a reason. They acted like it was a privilege to know! They claimed there was a "TOS violation." A TOS violation about "age". But as you will see, their reasoning simply makes NO sense. They said "He was under 13." Last time we checked, his dad was over 13. Taking "action" would be verifying that the account was, in fact, held by someone over 13. Which, in this case, was proven. Since the message from YouTube was sent to both Jesse, and his dad, Jesse\'s dad replied, saying he registered, ran, and took responsibility to all the activities on behalf of his son. YouTube then seemed to changed directions with their reasons... and changed focus to the age that his DAD entered for HIMSELF. (Were not making this up!) The age entered for the accounts were 21. Just because the age is not accurate, does not mean it broke the TOS guidelines. And then they changed their focus again.. They said that "The Email address does not belong to! his father, but to Jesse who is underage." The fact is, his dad\'s Email account is what both account were registered under. This can be proven. So Jesse\'s dad wrote them back, explaining all of this. Jesse\'s dad explained that he let Jesse use his Email, to send messages to YouTube. Regardless of this, he also made it clear AGAIN that he could prove it was his account. YouTube then said "In the emails, Jesse calls the accounts in question "my accounts". Jesse\'s dad then responded AGAIN.. "He also calls the house he lives in "My house", but nobody accuses him of legally owning it.." How ridiculous is this going to get! Simply Put.. JESSE\'S DAD STATED.. That HE opened and held the accounts. That the Email used for them IS HIS. And he would be happy to call and verify it, all further. What else was there to prove Was YouTube trying to claim that a parent was "Not Allowed" to allow their OWN CHILD to "Use YouTube Even with them right there What about the COPPA, you ask Maybe it\'s a legal requirement. No, COPPA simply states that "Children under 13, only need parental consent for any personal information to be collected from them, and for the information collected, to be revealed." And Jesse\'s dad has established that Jesse has his FULL parental consent. So, we have proved that there is no TOS violation, OR COPPA violation. WE ARE ALL REQUESTING, That YouTube REINSTATE.. Jesari and YoungTubersUnited and all the other young tubers Enough with the "violations" on two, PROVEN, PARENT OWNED, and MODERATED CHANNELS. Go to for more information. Please sign this with BOTH your real name, and user name in the other field. Your username is NOT required. Please YouTube, Give the accounts back! Sincerely, ZaneHansell and the rest of YouTube.

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