Youtube Unban in Pakistan

Imaduddin Sawal
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Dear Mr. President / Prime Minister and PTA ,

We the citizens of Pakistan , especially the youth will like the unban of the famous video uploading site . Youtube was banned in 2012 due to some blasphemous content uploaded on the site . Sir , I think the banning and unbanning of sites should not be determined by the protests on the road rather than on the web-surfers . People who want to , are determined to view content on that site are doing that with the plenty of proxy sites and softwares available on the net because most of those people are rich upper-class people who can afford a very fast internet connection and some paid proxy softwares and they easily connect to the site . The people suffering are those people who are using youtube as a learning resource . There are dozens of channels on youtube such as SciShow which make videos which will help the country prosper and grow . There are thousands of tutorials which help people in developing countries live a 'better' life . As Pakistan is a developing country Youtube is of utmost importance to its citizens . As far as the people who use youtube for songs and other purposes , you might not know but stats show that youtube users living in Pakistan had a very high rate of viewing Indian songs so it makes it clear that blocking Youtube didn't had a 'Major' impact .
Sir I hope you'll consider my opinion and agree on doing either of the following :
1 . Unblock Youtube
2 . Make a Pakistan version of Youtube as soon as possible .
Yours Sincerely,
A common Pakistani .