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Save The Moon Bears!

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Bile Bears are kept in tiny cages, often these 110 to 260 pound animals are kept in cages that are about 2.6 feet x 4.2 feet x 6.5 feet, confining them so much that they can barely move, sit or turn around. They even have scars from the bars pressing against their bodies.

In a process called 'milking', bile is extracted from their gallbladders twice a day through a surgically implanted tube, produces from .338 to .676 oz. (10–20 ml.) of bile every time. A process which is clearly painful for the poor bears. They are often seen chewing their own paws and moaning suring the 'milking' process. There are a few ways in which the bile is extracted. One way, that is banned, although bears have still have been seen with this method, is to push a hollow steel stik through the bear's abdomen, the bile then running into a basin under the cafe. A large amount of bears die from infection or complications because the surgery to insurt the tube/stick is harly ever performed by a veterinarian.

Another way is the 'free dripping' method, a so-called humane method that has been promoted. A permanent hole or fistula is carved into the bear's abdomen and gallbladder, allowing the bile to 'freely drip' out. The damage and infection from the permanently open hole is not humane at all.

The bear's often self mutilate themselves out of pain and boredom.

Bear bile is not a neccessity, and can be replaced by herbs. Keeping bears in these inhumane conditions is simple horrible and disgusting. Some bears have even been in cages for 20 years and more, forced to produce bile until they eventually die. These creatures should be where nature intended them, not stuck in a tiny cage of a life of torture.

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