Your Choice, No One Else's

Cheyenne Bonnick
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Slavery is has been an issue for as long as the humans have been in existence. Even we humans believe we've evolved, there are many of us who still don't hold the proper value for all human life. Nowadays, slavery isn't seen in the form of hard physical, but it is equally daunting on the body, and even more traumatic emotional and mentally. Prostitution is modern slavery. Human trafficking is a $32 billion dollar organization worldwide, and of that money, $120 million to $400 million is made from migrant trafficking in Canada alone. That is approximately eight thousand to 16 thousand young  girls and boys arriving  illegally in Canada per year.  These youth may be from a foreign country, or they could once have been your next door. They might have had a hard life from the beginning or they may have gotten into a severely dangerous situation. No matter where their from, they need the help and awareness so that they can find a way out.



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