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The position of City Clerk should be an appointed position.

Let's start with some history: The term "clerk" evolved into a role as writer, record keeper and local official. The "parish" or "town clerk" existed in early American history. Today, every city in the United States, regardless of size or government form, has a clerk's position or its equivalent. (Florida City Clerks Manual, 1978) The City

Clerk is the bridge between executive and legislative, between both of these and component government units, and between all of these and the public they are pledged to serve. The City Clerk is the official custodian of records and often the only full time officer with a professional working knowledge of the city's government.

All municipalities across the Commonwealth have appointed clerks except for Georgetown, KY. Having an appointed position allows for a job description, desired skill set and a hiring process to take place. This consist process is carried out for all appointed positions established by the Mayor and approved by Council. Elected officials are only elected or not when terms end.

The City Clerk is not a policy making, he/she does not have a vote and hold any power to veto any decision made by executive or legislative bodies. So Georgetown let's get with times follow the same process that the entire Commonwealth has already adopted, create stability and tell the CITY COUNCIL TO APPROVE the change supposed to appointed our CITY CLERK . PLEASE SIGN BELOW!





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