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Yardsellr.com raised it's 'Slice' without notice to a minimum of $2.95 which made all items listed at prices of $5 and less just about useless. These items became toxic to buyers because the new slice made the final price higher than the product was worth. Some sellers had hundreds of items at $5 or less and all the time put into taking the pictures and doing the listings was substantial and we believe this is a legitimate litigation and Yardsellr.com should compensate those sellers for that time.

We wish to start a class action law suit and require compensation for our time. This was an un-announced raise in Yarsellr's fees. Myself, I had spent over 6 hours the night before the new 'slice' and they were for items between 2 and 5 dollars. That time, along with the other items I had already listed in that price range, were a waste of my time and I should be compensated for it and so should the many other hundreds of sellers who found themselves without sales. I didn't know what happened for a couple days as I was averaging 5 to 10 sales per day and then nothing. When I inquired I found that Yarsellr.com had implemented this new fee structure and that's why I didn't have any sales. I believe this is a reasonable request that yardsellr.com should comply with this compensation.



Here you can read all the grief suffered by the low cost sellers and also my comments of warning Yardsellr that they didn't know what they were doing long before the collapse that forced them to do this.




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