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whereinphilly whereinphilly
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We, the undersigned, are outraged by parent company Radio One\'s decision to take Y100 off the air. GIVE US BACK OUR Y100 NOW! Y100 (WPLY) has been the biggest modern rock station in the Philadelphia region for over ten years. In that time Y100 has hosted more than 150 Sonic Sessions, held 8 FEZtivals and 8 FEASTivals, raised over 400 tons of food and donated more than $400,000 to charity via the Camp Out For Hunger and Sonic Session releases, played more than 1,250,000 songs), and rocked Philadelphia 24/7/365 with more wit, humor, intelligence, and fun than any other station on the dial. And more importantly, it\'s been the musical hangout, home, and club for us - the alternative music fans of Philadelphia. We are NOT ready for Philadelphia to be the biggest city in America without an alternative station! We request that Radio One immediately reconsider this drastic move and bring back the Y100 we all know and love.


This petition is sponsored by the loyal and devoted fans of Y100.


To leave comments about radio one\'s decisions, please visit the message boards at, and

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