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xplorNOT: let rural residents upgrade!

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Throughout Canada, many Canadians rely on the internet service provider, Xplornet. Xplornet is quoted as "fast reliable high-speed internet". they also can be quoted with "connect to what matters with Xplornet". And may I tell you, they are sure overstating what they really are.

Although I could not find a number of people that use Xplornet, I know that many are forced to. not because of lower prices or higher speeds, but because they are legally unable to get any other service provider. I live in a small, rural area. Telus is running a fiber optic line through the town soon. However, since Xplornet has legal "grounds" of the area, they can only go through the town, and not provide to any of the houses that are off of the main road. Which is the vast majority.

The speed of the internet is outdated for the time. my current package is supposedly 3MB/s down, with 30GB/month. however, the fastest download speed I have seen is 1MB/s. And still, it is far too easy to go over the 30GB/month limit when at max speed, you can go through the bandwidth within approximately 10 days. this may seem like fair advertising, But Xplornet also claims that it can support video streaming and online gaming. if 22 minutes of 1080p video is approximately 180MB, you will get about 3750 minutes of video, or 62 hours. Just think, 62 hours is very little compared to the amount of television the average television is viewing per month.

Now comes the part that, I personally believe, is the worst part of Xplornet's satellite services. the latency. with satellite internet, not only are your fastest connections located in a central eastern timezone, but there is usually 670+ milliseconds in delay.If fiber optic internet is becoming available in my area, I would much rather have the lower latency from that then the abysmally delayed satellite services.

So, here is the evil part. once Xplornet has an area under its contract, it holds its rights to that area and will not let other providers service their customers. In an ever expanding network, you should be allowed to upgrade as improvements become available. By creating this petition, I hope that Xplornet will release any contracts preventing its users from changing service providers OR provide higher speeds and bandwidths that support a minimum of 50% of the max speed for the month's usage.

on a final note, I leave this article of some other "dirt" on Xplornet.


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