XBOX 360 console level banning for Cheaters And Modders.

2 Signatures Goal: 100,000

I would like to even the playing fields and ask Microsoft to give a minimum 1 week console level ban for the following offenses. Offering a 3 strike rule. Upon the third strike a permanent console ban would be issued. The ban could in turn be lifted paying Microsoft a cash fine to unlock said console.

1: Using modifications for multiplayer games.
2: Soliciting the sales of multiplayer modifications.
3: Use of modified Controllers
4: Use of known exploit to handicap a particular game.

This would force gamers to behave in a responsible manner being wary of what goes on on their consoles and making the live experience in my opinion a much more positive and enjoyable one for all players. The problem with banning a gamer tag is the person just opens a free new one month tag the culprits are constantly moving around the XBOX live network changing their persona's.

These gamers bring nothing whatsoever to the xbox experience or community. They have no intention of buying DLC from microsoft as the accounts are essentially disposable. 
A large majority of these gamers use modified firmware in their optic drives to play pirated games they have not purchased. These individuals sole purpose on live is to Bully,Aggravate and Disrupt the enjoyment of other gamers.

*** Please note this game petition is not created to thwart people modding of single player games. ***





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    K S Canada
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