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The WWE has gone stale (out of date) and the fans demand a change!

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If like us you are a loyal WWE fan and have been watching for many years you will truly know that the wwe in its present status is dull, stale and lacking character, when did you last watch and see a WOW moment in any of the shows, as the WWE has the monopoly and no real shows to challenge it, there is no reason for them to branch out and give us something exciting that we crave, gone are the shows aimed at the adult audiance and instead they give us shows like wwe and the Muppets where the wrestlers talk to puppets like they are real and the puppets get involved in these matches - which is a real insult to us hardcore wrestling fans, they take a wrestler like Broadus Clay who had potential to be the next Taz and turn him into the funkasaurus which makes him look stupid, as all he is proving at present is that he can't dance, can't remove his pants in time and can't wrestle, The PPV shows these days don't have that special feeling anymore, they just feel like an extended version of Raw or Smackdown! and as For NXT well lets just say this is the WWE saying to it's loyal fans we can make any old rubbish and you will watch it, all the exciting elements, all the surprises and mainly the attitude era have been removed from this once extremely exacting brand and in return replaced with a show which is predictable,boring at times and pushes characters which have no talent and ignores the ones with talent , like Alberto Del Rio for example what was really that special about him to deserve such a push and then to add insult to injury he became champion, his character was boring, he was hard to understand and he didn't stand out at all, infact his announcer was more entertaining and then he won the rumble last year, who is running the show to make such bad decisions as this, it shows that the WWE is run by wrestlers at the moment and although these wrestlers make good talent in the ring it is clearly showing that the likes of Triple H and crew are not doing a good job out of it and are making us watch some diabolical shows WWE wake up, we don't want this rubbish, boring boring boring, the only thing keeping this show slightly watchable are the last of the built up characters from the attitude era like John Cena, CM Punk, Kane and few others. Bring back the nwo dx style feuds, the attitude era, we don't want shows for kids anymore we want The WWE to be what it's meant to be - a wrestling show! If you feel the same sign up now because the bigger fan base we have - the more chance we have of having a big voice which will make the WWE stop and take notice! State your feelings on the WWE. Be aware statements will be visable to anyone who wants to read them. All WWE programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, trademarks, logos and copyrights are the exclusive property of WWE, Inc - in which we do not endorse, this is just my our opinon on the brands and characters from the shows.

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