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WWC Students for a Closed Campus

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We are in an unprecedented age. The US is embroiled in the worst pandemic it's had to face yet, and the country's response has been woefully insufficient. If Warren Wilson expects to have any chance of success with opening in the fall and staying open, then firm guidelines must be clarified and maintained. This petition is to show WWC that students are for the idea of a potential closed campus. In theory, this would mean people would only be able to leave campus under specific and pre-approved circumstances. Current guidelines would still be maintained throughout the semester. We have a choice between one strict semester where everyone can participate, or going out and about off campus whenever and potentially prolonging how strict our on-campus community experience might be like. There are obvious exceptions to this, professors who live off campus, student athletes, doctors visits, essential store trips, and it’s not logically perfect—it’s all just to start a conversation about how it might be possible.This is still a plan with myriad logistical quandaries to address, but we are asking for clarity in WWC's guidelines to prevent loopholes that could be exploited and cause unnecessary risk of exposure. We demand a safe environment to learn in, and we demand that WWC enter into a conversation clarifying how guidelines will address the efficacy of a closed or open campus.

UPDATE: I am surprised by this sudden uptick in signatures! When I initially put this petition together, it was to test the waters, so to speak, regarding general student interest in specifying the WWC guidelines in regards to ease of access for entering and leaving the campus. It was met with enough resistance that I felt it wise to let the petition remain as a frame of reference for gauged interest and little more. Bear in mind that I'm from Florida, and the large case numbers here inform my strong opinion on the matter. I do believe WWC is doing their best, but I wanted to ensure that no vagueness in their guidelines could lead to unnecessary risk of exposure. I will be reaching out to the WWC reopening committee with this petition so as to open a conversation about the most successful path ahead for the school this semester! Thank you all for your support.

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