WV Abortion Access

Ramona Miller
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West Virginia has become a hotbed recently on the issue of abortion clinics following a Gosnell-like horror story of a woman seeking an abortion.  Dr. Stephens became our Gosnell. 
Now is the time to tell West Virginia politicians what we want and need. 
No war on women. 
No war on women's health. 
We want safe access to abortion clinics.
We do not want women to be abused and victimized by politicians, unsafe conditions that jeopardize our health or our reproductive future.  This is what oversight should ensure, licensed health care professionals and facilities to assure the safety of abortions and women. Not motives for politics or profit.  Women and safety first. 
We do not want extra regulations, inspections or restrictions.  Simply the same basic safety we have come to expect and assume with all of our health care professionals and facilities.