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September 11,2001 Memorial of Tears

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To the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. This petition has been sent to you for the following reasons. It is the hope and desire of the petitioners listed here. To have their voice heard. By signing this petition they have stated that the Memorial of Tears is there choice for a Memorial to September 11, 2001 at Ground-Zero. After September 11, 2001 we all changed. That day impacted all of us in a way that we will never forget. It has been said that Ground-Zero, Pennsylvania crash site and the Pentagon crash site are now burial sights for those that were lost and unrecoverable. To that effect there needs to be a memorial built for those lost and to remember and not forget. Some would build new office buildings and have a plague, others would have enormous buildings or cement structures. But the Memorial of Tears best gives a place of morning, reflection, closure and peace. The tears of so many millions world wide are reflected here in the Memorial of Tears and as the twin 110 foot fountains overcome the lower fountains, it says. We shall overcome too. The Memorial of Tears footprint would be small. But would give a strong and lasting closure to those victims and heroes lost on that terrible day. Due to the controversy over Ground-Zero and what is the proper memorial in political discussions, the petitioners feel that they have been left out. The six designs only proves that not one of the decision makers are listening to we the public. This incident affected millions of people worldwide weather directly and or indirectly. But one thing is for sure. We here on this petition feel that a proper memorial decided bye the people from the people should be and must be built. The Memorial of Tears has been viewed and thought about bye thousands of web sight visitors. One thing they have made clear, bye email and bye signing this petition. That is, this memorial would give a place of respect to the dead, a place to grieve and have closure for those that have been left at Ground-Zero due to the intensity of the destruction and a place to have for reflection to the living. It is a memorial that touches all countries that lost loved ones and all nationalities. The pond of tears combined with the fountain gives peace and inspiration at the same time. The wall of names gives respect, a place to remember and connection. The figures give a chance to show compassion and feelings. The grounds give a place of reflection and remembrance. Thank You The Memorial of Tears can be seen at.


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