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Written Demand for Special Meeting to complete election of vacant board seats

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Note: This petition is for Indian Ridge Property Owners. Please sign only if you have Property in Indian Ridge for which dues are current. Also, please make sure to note how many eligible (paid up) properties you have in the comment portion when you sign. Thank-you.

To: The Indian Ridge POA Board Members (Chuck and Ramona)

From: Indian Ridge Subdivision Lot Owners

Subject: Written Demand for Special Meeting to complete election of vacant board seats

Dear Board Members,

We, the owners who have signed below, demand a special meeting be called to complete the election for the board positions previously held by Glen Haynie (after his resignation) and Chuck Cummins (whose term expired January, 2015). Said meeting is to be held Saturday August 8, 2015 at the Indian Ridge Lodge at 2:00 pm MDT.

After The Board allowed the sixty day time frame to lapse which would have completed the election filling the expired seat of Chuck Cummins in Feb. 2015, The Board decided to call the annual summer meeting (of July 11, 2015) a “special meeting” starting the election process all over again, requiring a larger quorum.

The Board reported at the July 11 2015 meeting that we were 4 votes short of the quorum needed to complete the election, stating we needed 168 votes but only had 164. All notarized proxy votes were refused, violating code 16-6a-712 of the Utah Revised Nonprofit Act.

In order to complete this election process, a second meeting is necessary which requires only 25% of the entitled votes to be placed. That number is no more than 87 votes needed to fulfill the quorum requirement.

In order to negate the same action (failure to call a second meeting within the 60 day time frame) from recurring within this election process started on July 11, 2015, we make this demand pursuant to The Utah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act 16-6a-702 Special Meeting.

16-6a-702 Special meetings.

(1) A nonprofit corporation shall hold a special meeting of its members:

(a) on call of:

(i) its board of directors; or

(ii) the person or persons authorized by the bylaws or resolution of the board of directors to call

a special meeting; or

(b) unless otherwise provided by the bylaws, if the nonprofit corporation receives one or more written demands for the meeting, that:

(i) state the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is to be held; and

(ii) are signed and dated by members holding at least 10% of all the votes entitled pursuant to the bylaws to be cast on any issue proposed to be considered at the meeting.


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