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To: White Plains School District

We, the community of White Plains, oppose the White Plains Public Schools 2011-12 school calendar.


On Monday, April 11, the 2011-12 calendar for the White Plains Public Schools was presented by Superintendent Christopher Clouet for approval and was approved by the Board of Education without discussion.  By approving the calendar as presented, the White Plains school district has

1.     eliminated the entire week of February vacation with the exception of President’s Day and

2.     continued the Early Release Days.


The removal of February vacation is an overreaction to a particularly snowy winter.  Although it is not pleasant to make up snow days, the calendar did exactly what it was supposed to - have a contingent plan in case of an unusual year. 


The early release days have been troublesome for parents and students (especially those in elementary school).  Working parents of elementary aged children have had 3 choices:

1.     Pay for extra childcare,

2.     Leave work early 16 times over the school year,

3.     Leave their children at home alone.


In addition, those students in middle/high school sports now are required to wait until their coach is available to start their practices or games. 


The administration has yet to communicate any evidence that the early release days directly benefit students.


We, therefore, request that the White Plains School District re-examine the 2011-12 school calendar by restoring the February break.  Further, we also recommend to eliminate the early release days until such time that evidence can be provided that demonstrates direct benefit to student learning.

The undersigned


Michelle Braun





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