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WoT EU SH mechanics

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Hey guys,

In advance I am sorry for the long text, I sincerely believe this subject requires an adequate explanation!

I decided to start this petition after countless "night" attacks and talks with commanders/officers of other clans in the EU server.
WG-EU has been promising changes in the Stronghold mode for a year now and there have been absolutely no changes that I am aware of.

As you all might know, the defence time you can put your SH at, can be set from 9am to 3am (10am to 4am during the summer) CET.
90% of the clans hide behind 2-3-4 am defence times, thus killing all the usefullness of the SH mod.

It is truly exhausting to play that late, not to mention the fact that if you put your ceasefire on eg. Saturday, you cannot be attacked on both Saturday AND Sunday, which leaves you basically having to fight other clans during weekdays when people have work, family, school/college...

On the Russian server there are no such problems due to the fact that if you put your defence at 4am, on the other corner of Russia its 9pm thus "hiding" is useless.
NA server has no clan competitivity whatsover but even there you have 6 timezones.
Whole of Europe has only 4 timezones out of which one is in Russia, so effectively its only 3.

Now, I am aware of the fact that weaker clans will instantly whine because they want to reap the maximum bonuses, but that is not how it is supposed to work.

If you are good enough you can protect your buildings.

But even for weaker clans there is a solution:
1. Instead of getting 20% of the hp of the building, nerf it to 15% (this is due to the fact that it's a huge risk to attack an equal/stronger clan because its extremely costly if you lose! This is bringing to a lot of negativity when a clan attacks another clan, this way, we can make a more friendly enviroment)

2. Increase time during which you can't attack the same clan from 1 week to 2 weeks. (this will leave plenty of room for the attacking clan not being a pain in the arse every 8 days)
3. Lower the cost of requisition and evacuation as well as nerf the numbers from 50% to 40% (for the tier 10, all the lower tiers can be adjusted acordingly), this is for situations like: Clan A won and activated requisiton but clan B didnt activate evacuation and lose a lot of boxes.

4. Since we have CW from 19:00 till cca 23:00 (but the same clan is never on all 4 timezones) so if your clan is fighting from 19:00 to 22:00 put your defence time at 23:00, or if you are fighting from 21:00 to 23:00 put your defence to 20:00, so you can't have CW and SH at the same time, nerf the 14 days period before you can change the timezone to 3 days period if no attacks or 2 days after the last scheduled attack(eg, clan B attacked clan A on 25th of November, if clan A decides to change timezone now, it will be applied on 27th)!

5. Timezones should be changed from 10am - 4am to 6pm-1am! (during events/campaigns it can be changed to 1pm-1am for more flexibility, but still remove the "night" attacks)



This is in my opinion an isolated issue on the EU server which means they don't to wait for the Russians to implement changes to all the servers!

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