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World of Warcraft: Are you Satisfied

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Thank you for taking the time to read this petition. After months (and longer) of difficulty with Blizzard\'s World of Warcraft MMO, I have finally decided to find a location where fellow players can express their discontent with the service. Though I only play on Burning Blade, I would like petitions from any servers, thus I am including an additional field for that to track and parse that information. I have two general concerns with Blizzard, their technical performance and their customer support: Issue 1: As many have experienced, Blizzard has a high degree of latency, and since they are reluctant to admit or fix the problem, players do not know if latency is network, server, or application (game) related. What most of us know is that it exists and that Blizzard is not fixing it. Some of these problems include, but are not limited to: 1) Servers being completely unavailable for short periods of time. 2) Long delays in logging in or at the retrieving character list. 3) Long casting/ability delays, ranging from 1 second to 30 seconds. 4) Complete hangs in the game, where either the game graphics stop completely, or the graphics continue with the last action (for instance, running across a room into a wall or casting particle effects not going away), ranging from a few seconds to 30 seconds. 5) Mass disconnects for no apparent reason (usually followed by (2)). 6) Interaction latency (either with an NPC or another player, such as 30 seconds for a player to player trade window to close, or long times accessing mailboxes or the Auction House). Issue 2: General experience with Blizzard support, both in-game, and out-of-game, has been to first respond with pre-fabricated response, many times, which do not even relate to the initial problem reported. When an interactive response is finally received, it\'s usually to deny the problem, pointing blame elsewhere (UI Mod, Network Card, etc.), or state that the problem is known and can not currently be fixed or compensated. This is typically done without serious investigation into the legitimacy of the problem. Most recently, I have detailed months of problems with the Burning Blade server (exact problems down to the minute), and have been responded to by Billing and Support that they feel there is no issue. Attempts to move them by confirming each event with other guilds and players on my server have been glossed over or ignored entirely. Game versus paid service: The lack of correction of these issues, coupled with lack of customer support willing to compensate for these issues, is unacceptable. World of Warcraft might be a game, but you are paying a monthly fee for it, so legally, it is a service. When any other service is not provided to the quality you can expect (within reason) and you have a legitimate complaint, compensation is issued. For some reason Blizzard feels they neither need to correct the issue (or their technical people are incompetant and are unable to correct the issue), nor compensate this, making them a unique entity among service providers. Don\'t make Blizzard rich: Remember how many accounts Blizzard has, and how many millions of annual dollars Blizzard must net off World of Warcraft alone, and yet they can\'t afford proper servers, network, and programming to make a solid service. The average server these days costs only thousands, and a competent technical staff can install them in days, if not less, so what could the excuse possibly be Speak up: If you feel the way we do, please sign this petition so we can send it off to Blizzard to show them that we, as a consumer basis, are dissatisfied. I am working with friends in the legal business to review the EULA and compile information from players, this petition, and as many other sources as possible, and send it to Blizzard executives so they can not claim ignorance to the problem and its magnitude if further and more serious actions are taken by others. Thank you for your time and signature. Hopefully together, we can show that consumers are not a mass that will subdue to poor quality service at full price.


I am a long time MMO gamer who currently plays a dwarf priest on Burning Blade server. My experience over the last year has ranged from great to not even being able to play the game out of sheer frustration with technical difficulties and inadequate customer support.


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