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World day for Microtia

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Microtia only affects about 1 in 7,000 people in the UK alone the word microtia means small ear this contidition affects the outer ear which is the bit that you can see microtia is a conentital condition which means you are born with it so its not like chicken pox where you can go to school and catch it off someone , it is said that microtia effects more boys than girls and is more likely to be the right ear scientists are still searching for an answer of what causes microtia and why it mainly affects boys and right ears this condition is very easy to spot when a baby is born as one or both of the ears will be smaller than normal and some can be deformed or there can be no ear at all there are four grades to microtia: grade 1 is when the ear is slightly smaller than normal grade 2 is when the ear is partially or half formed and the ear cannal is closed grade 3 there is no external ear and is only a peiece of tissue about the size of a peanut grade 4 is when there is no ear at all I was born with Ulinaterial Microtia grade 3.affecting the right ear , This is the most common type of microtia ,In this type of microtia there is usally hearing loss in the ear that has been affected this is because sound waves are unable to get down the ear cannal and produce sound like any normal eae as it is closed off if you only have the microtia in one ear then it is usually found that the other ear will have totally normal normal hearing Being someone growing up with Microtia and not even knowing that my ear was a part of a condition until 13 after seeing a video on the Great Ormond street Teens first for health site Now at the age of 16 i have only just started to realise there is very little support or awareness of Microtia so i feel that there needs to be things in place for getting people educated about the condition through a world day this will help to achieve the support needed and will make people aware of the condition . I've spoken to my local paper about raising awareness for the condition ,I'm a great ormond street patient who is willing to do anything possible to make this happen because this is something extremely close to my heart I also have only just started to get to know others with the same condition please sign this twititon and help raise an awareness day for Microtia ,It is equally as important as :Jeans for Genes day ,Breast Cancer awareness ,Children in need an so on for more information Please follow my blog : along with my support page : find me on youtube : twitter :Ollymurs_Gosh or on formspring thank you

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