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Douglas James Maslowski
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Hi There 

Do you work?  Any job you pay taxes for?  

Are you on Benefits? Benefits are still classed as taxable income.

Then please explain why we are funding people in the UK who are happy to live off our Tax money?

I think we can all agree that your Tax money can go to better causes than for people who are too lazy to work.

Even though we all agree something needs to be done, even though One voice will not be heard, many voices will. 

Please sign this petition in order for something to be done, the petition will constantly be passed on to the councils and slowly but surely up the ladder from there.

 The Government need to know we are getting sick and tired off them taking our money and putting it on things that are not helping us or our future.

If you have Facebook then please add us as a friend, our name is "Roayl Kingdom" and join in on the discussions that people are adding on our wall and together, our voices will become one.

This is the start off the future, it has to start somewhere.......





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