Working Hours

rudy delest
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After careful analysis, I came up with this system of working hours which should benefit primarily families, businesses, and countries.
The law of the 6-6-6:
-6 hours of work per day; for 6 days; about 6 months then holidays and restart.
Special conditions need to be put into place to be able to achieve the design: Like very early start, to late closure so people can alternate.
-If you are married with children: one start at 7-1; the other 2-8
-For businesses this should not be a problem but a solution, INCREASE IN PROFITABILITY please see the positive aspect of it. YES WE CAN.
-For countries, as long as families and then businesses agrees, we should be fine. YES WE CAN

Family situation will be sorted out.
Children will see more of their parents.
Juvenile delinquency will be lower.
Crime will be lower as "Envy" will drop consequently.
Prison will be a real rehabilitation.
Especially smile will be on every one's face!

With this law in force, unemployment will decrease and Love will increase.
We are Human, everything is possible!
Do not give up yet, Sign and we shall see change!!!
1 for all, All for 1 <3





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