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On behalf of Dominique Williams,

On July 26th, 2018 at approximately 0700 hours I, Dominique UE Williams, was illegally and unlawfully arrested. Whilst visiting my 74 years young, Jamaican born Grandmother in Missouri City, Texas; HPD forced their way into her home without consent nor permission.

Because I, Dominique Williams, do not have an address of my own, I know that the warrant for my arrest has/had no permission nor jurisdiction over a home that isn’t mine, nor person(s) that isn’t me. HPD unlawfully entered then searched my Grandmother’s home (1607 Castle Creek Dr 77489) based on the assumption that I might be there. They (HPD) put the residents of that home, outside of their own house, then disrespected the privacy of my nursing wife and one year old breastfeeding son. Though my family is from a foreign land, following the standard(s) set by Texas and the US Government, We are here legally. Nonetheless since the year 2010, Our constitutional, as well as our unalienable rights, have been violated repeatedly. As of today, We are now seeking justice in the form of freedom.

In regards to my current change.. I, Dominique Williams, have made it a focal point to local authorities that I no longer have, nor need an address to register. As a result of my initial charge (also unlawful) as well as the requirements of my occupation as an “Entertaining Artist”, I have not been able to (physically) stay in one state, city, nor house for more than five days consistently at a time. As the law states here in Texas, I have a 7 day grace period to stay and register, or leave; that I have abided by for the past three years.

As the foundation, leader and example for My people. I, Dominique Williams, am not willing to accept “any little deal” given by the state. I know, and am fully aware of My rights. Though because I also overstand Harris County Jail to be a place of business, I am ONLY willing to accept the deal that will allow me to be home by December 6th, 2018. Granting My son the right to physically have his Father hold him on his Earth Strong (Birthday) that he deserves.

Whether We are able to come to an agreement today, or not, will have no impact on My decision to make This day November 14th, 2018 our final encounter. If the Court is not willing to Honor Our wishes, then We’ll have no choice other than to take matters into Our own hands. As a father, husband, brother, son, and leader My place (rightfully) is with Those who need My Love, guidance, and protection and I Theirs.. Not here (in jail).

Thank You, for Your Time, Patience and understanding.

Signed, The Sovereign King and Leader of Jamarican; NiQo Umazyn

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