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Dunkin Donuts
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Thomas Briggs mission was to create a shopping plaza where Corey's was that would offer coffee and donuts from the new england stores called Dunkin Donuts. What people didn't know was that he wanted to create a very unique restaurant that would blend and maintain the beauty of our town. Keeping with the town regulations, he received uproar messages by two local breakfast shops. They didn't care about bringing something that would help the town rather than make their own expensive prices. With Americas up and down economy people need to have choices. 

We have the choice to pick which cup of coffee or lunch to have during our day. These controlling local stores are not just hurting the town but are hurting the money needed for our education system. No matter what view you may have we teenagers agree that its time to start a change. 

Lets finally make this town have the businesses we get to choose from rather than leave the Woodbury Green Plaza empty since it was built. With getting 
500 peopleto sign this petition I will be able to get our town to have another vote for the approval of the Dunkin Donuts and get Thomas Briggs what he deserves!


Dunkin Donuts