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Women's Right On Abortion

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I support this issue because I believe that all mothers should have access to abortion. Many of these mothers have been raped, or sexually assaulted and it wasn’t their fault. Many mothers may have critical health issues, that may not let them carry a baby for a full term, or many mothers who may die carrying their child, and they know that abortion would be best for the both of them. Another reason why I think abortion should be legal is that many mothers are not in the right time of their lives to be having children. And, as a women, I would never have an abortion, just because I wasn’t ready. But some women need access because it’s their body, and their own choice. In no way should they be shamed for whatever choice they make, even if I don’t support it. Lastly, another reason is that many women have underlying health issues that may not let them be able to carry a child full-term, or carry tem at all for a long period of time. And, I believe this should be an option for them.

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