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Wolt couriers raising our voices for better payment conditions ✊

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We, the couriers, raise our voices today to say that the increase in the prices of consumer products, rentals, services, gasoline, etc., is already unsustainable with the payment per delivery we get, which has been the same since the date of the new agreement between Wolt and the couriers in February 2021 (it is worth clarifying that previously we even earned more, since the base rate was reduced in February 2021 from 45dkk to 35dkk, with the excuse that long distances would pay more, and we would see a profit reflected in our salary, something that we know very well never happened)

We are going to mention some of the price increases as an example (February 2021/today):

Butter 12kr / 27kr
Milk 9.95kr / 13.25kr
Chicken breasts x450grs 25kr / 39kr
Whole chicken 45kr / 60kr
Oil 9.5kr / 27kr
Eggs 19.95kr / 26kr
Havarti Cheese 21.50kr / 30.95kr
Gasoline 11.60kr per liter / 20.48kr per liter
Light: up 15%
Water and heat: up 15%

On the other hand, we continue to receive the base fee payment of 35kr per delivery for almost a year and a half.

Faced with this frozen payment per delivery, we have an increase in all restaurant menu values (which is why Wolt has beaten price inflation), and the company also added at the beginning of this year, a fee of 3kr (now 5kr) per delivery payed by the customer that before didn't exist.


• RESTRUCTURATION OF THE OLD WEEKEND BONUS (for all cities in Denmark), which was the best tool for us to really make a difference in our salary.

• ELIMINATION OF THE STRAIGHT LINE MEASURE SYSTEM OF DISTANCES, we want to be payed for the real distance we drive. ***•

• ELIMINATION OF THE "5 SECONDS AUTOMATIC DROP OFF", the last update of the app that take out the possibility to make have a bundle (second order while delivered another one). ***

This is the beginning of our claim, if it is not taken into account we will be forced to take other measures to be heard.

*** Update 10th October 2022:

At the end of July, Wolt opened its doors to us to talk about our petition. After some meetings, they promised to us to make some changes during September. Now that September is totally finished, we can confirm that Wolt does not keep its words and promises. So we are forced to include in our petition the following updates:

- Wolt pays us in a "straight line measure system of distances", this is so unfair as it sounds. In a city where you have lakes, rail trails, bridges, peatonal streets, huge parks, and more others things, the couriers can't be payed in a straight line measure system of distances. We want to be payed by real distances we drive!

- 1st of October, Wolt introduced a new app update that directly harms couriers' income.

How it was before: when the courier picked up an order in a restaurant and marked in the app "I have the items", the courier could go to the customer's address with the green "start drop off" sign, and it was a possibility to get a bundle (a second order) in the way to costumers houses, if for example a restaurant mark food ready while you pass in front of it.

How is now: after marking that we have the items, the green "start drop off" sign is automatically pressed after 5 seconds, removing the possibility of placing another order on the way to the customer's house.

We demand the elimination of the "5 seconds automatic drop off".

We are tired of these unilateral measures that Wolt takes with us couriers (partners ¿?). This is far from looking like a partnership. As long as the company continues to act in this inconsiderate way with its couriers, the only thing it will achieve is for us to unite more strongly to fight for what belongs to us, or for what they take from us.


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