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Ok, this is for all of us Indy creators mainly, I don't know about all of you, and this petition probably won't do anygood, but I am honestly tired of Wizard jacking up their table prices for artist alley, year after year, for no good reason its gone from 150.00 to 400.00 over the last 5 years, and there is no reason as to why, if they want to say the venue is raising the rent on the building for them to hold the show that is fine, I would accept that, but thats the main problem, they don't say anything, "just raise the prices and no one will complain, we are Wizard", well guess what I am complaining cause I want to do their shows and promote my company and my work, but $400.00 for a 8ft table for a place that is not San Diego Comic Con, is ludicrous, I could use $400.00 for a small print run of a comic. I'm not Marvel or DC who can afford those prices in this economy??, so I say we as Independent creators, stand up and make them pay attention, lets get these table fees lowered to something more acceptible for the Independent creator I want to hear from you guys what are you willing to pay for a 8ft. table at one of thier shows and feel safe knowing that you are not losing money, cause for the Idependent creator trying to make back a table fee of $ 400.00 is very hard, so if the petions works to get them to lower their prices for us as Independent creators we can show them that we are the backbone of these shows, I mean I as a fan don't care about getting a $25.00 from some has been sci-fi actor who was the 3rd Stormtrooper from the left durning the opening scene of Star Wars, they seem to care more about getting Media Guests then comic book creators, and I know a Ton of folks who will never do a WW show due to they way they have been treated in the past, with what they had to pay to get a table at their shows, so I want to get my books my art and my product out their and the Wizard World shows seem to be a great place to do it, but they need to be doing it at a more reasonable fee for Artist Alley tables. I'm doing this for us all, not just me, I'm hoping to get a lot of support behind this but I do want to know since Wizard would have to charge a fee for the tables what would be the most acceptable price I'm thinking at the most $200.00 would be ok $150.00 would be even better, but at least with the signatures I'll know you guys at least agree with me. Thanks Gregg Paulsen

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