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Rob Wittman, We Want You To Vote More Conservative

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We the people of the 1st Congressional District, in order to preserve and protect our liberties and restore fiscal responsibility, do hereby make known to you, Representative Rob Wittman, our extreme disappointment and displeasure at your lack of response to our concerns. Furthermore, it is with urgency that we insist you step up and loudly vocalize our concerns before Congress. You have remained silent on the pressing and scandalous issues presently occurring in Washington this past year.

WHERE AS: Your voting record is of great concern because it promotes the furtherance of our nations unparalleled economic crisis & the loss of our Constitutional Republic: Voting record based on the Heritage Scorecard, http://heritageactionscorecard.com/members/member/W000804

We, therefore, petition you, as our Representative, moving forward onto new legislation, to consider and listen to your constituents’ concerns. We request that we be informed of your intentions of supporting bills that will strengthen the economy, reduce the deficit and uphold our Constitutional laws. Of great concern are the following:

  • ACA – “Obamacare” – implementation of this law needs to be temporarily stopped/stalled immediately until it can be repealed. The only way to do this at this time is to DEFUND IT. This must be done forcefully and loudly and not by word-puzzle amendments that are circumvented by this “train wreck.”
  • IMMIGRATION – critical consideration for immigration reform: 1) border security completed before any further steps are taken. Our borders are the gateway to terrorists and criminals. In the meantime, implement the existing law. 2) the bill must be written and enforced by people accountable to voters – no special interest groups behind closed doors, 3) it must be fair (not rewarding people who broke the law). It must up hold the rule of law, 4) it must be a simple and clear law – not comprehensive – but broken into separate, understandable and enforceable provisions. 5) it must benefit the economy and not add to our debt. 6) it must adhere to our founding principles – constitutionally limited government and free market principles. (The current Senate bill gives taxpayer dollars to anti-American groups like La Raza to teach these new citizens about American values.)
  • IRS – repeal & replace with “FairTax” or Flat Tax. - Prosecutions of illegal activities must be implemented – including administrative involvement, not allowing perpetrators promoted. A Select Committee/Special Prosecutor is needed. The IRS exhibits an extraordinary abuse of power and uses it for political manipulation & gain. This is the time to pass full-scale repeal and re-establishment of a fair and reasonable form of tax collection and distribution. Amending or eliminating parts of the current system is not acceptable. It is irreparably broken.
  • NSA/NDAA-2014 – introduction of new legislation that will restore the personal privacy & rights of its citizens and re-establish the use of warrants and proper investigations across the government agencies (HS, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.) involved in surveillance, protection and apprehension. The government is completely out of control and all citizens are vulnerable.
  • Benghazi - A majority House coalition must be formed immediately to put pressure on Rep. Boehner to create a Joint Steering Committee (HR-36) and bring to justice (prosecute) those within the administration who were derelict in duty, including the White House and President if need be. It is essential that a Special Prosecutor be appointed who is without partiality.
  • COAL/Energy - Block any legislation that will enable the EPA and Administration to shut down coal mines. Executive Orders must be challenged and rebutted. Energy independence is critical to our jobs and security—fight to implement this. Free markets will work on wind/solar. It is not the governments job.
  • EPA – The continuous progression of over-reaching and over-regulation must be stopped and forcefully reigned in as it accounts for the loss of liberty, property rights, jobs, energy, and creates economic burdens, etc. Legislation must be loudly and forcefully proposed and fought for by engaging the public to stop the unconstitutional policies of the EPA.

Representative Wittman – Use your VOICE & Speak out – loud and clear:

Executive orders have replaced the House of Representatives legislative responsibilities. We are no longer governed by laws but by Presidential Orders and Administrative Policies. Your Silence in the destruction of our Republic is your participation. This is the end-game. Get off the bench and fight to win or be replaced with someone who will!

Signed and submitted by: Citizens of the 1st Congressional District 


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