option to block moderator: Playpen So Wise

Jamaal Brice
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As a member of the chat (wise world chat), I petition the site to change the "block user button" option to enable all members to block regular, premium, and most importantly the administration member, Playpen So Wise. The basis for this petition is that the administration have power to view, closed, and block members at will. However, the members that are not under the administration umbrella do not even have the power to block an administrative post such as Playpen So Wise from his or her's chat screen. We as members of wise world believe that we should at least have an option (just like the administration) on whether we would like to see what Playpen So Wise is posting or not. By enabling all users to have this blocking option, we can prevent: arguments or concern with Playpen, information slowing down one's internet browser, and overall clutter that may annoy people. Overall, the members would love to have a peace of mind, especially if they know that they have an option to choose.




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