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Wisconsin Counties New State/Declaration of Independence

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245 years ago, the colonists of America made the choice to claim independence from England. For over a century, the colonists had a tradition of self-government that worked very well for themselves. This was a new idea on the world stage. Throughout history, most populations either lived in small tribes or under the rule of a monarch or dictator. In the mid 1700s, the British throne began to clamp down on the colonists. They made new taxes and laws that the colonists strongly opposed. When the colonists began to resist, the British sent thousands of troops to maintain control of the population. The colonists decided that English rule was neither effective nor beneficial so they chose to declare Independence. Thus was born the Republic of the United States of America.

While the United States has not been perfect, the Constitution of the United States allowed the nation to grow and develop while maintaining the fundamental liberties that are given to us by our Creator. Over the last two and a half centuries, those freedoms and liberties have been expanded to all citizens of the United States. This was not an easy battle, but it showed the true greatness of America. In the 1800s, Abraham Lincoln along with the Republican party fought to abolish slavery and free all slaves. The Democratic party fought to maintain and expand slavery throughout the west during the westward expansion. This is almost identical to far-left American corporations using Uighur slave labor in China to produce shoes, clothing, and electronic components. Democrats and far-left corporations have attempted to water down and eliminate bills brought forward to fight the slave trade in China. While the Constitution provided safeguards for individual liberties over the course of two and a half centuries, we are unfortunately living in times where that Constitution has been trampled on and completely disregarded by those seeking to create and enforce a one world government, (the New World Order(NWO)) against the will of the American people.

Listed below are the reasons why we the Citizens of the counties listed below in the State of Wisconsin are declaring the formation of a new state and declaring independence from the Federal Government of the U.S.A.

  1. Using false statistics from the Covid-19 pandemic to induce fear in the public, which has led to the reduction of basic civil liberties, extreme loss of employment, closure of many small businesses, increased suicides, increased domestic abuse, and a crippled economy. The United States Government’s (USG) response to the pandemic also led to one of the largest transfers of wealth in history from the lower and middle classes to big corporations. “Box Stores” were given “essential status,” allowing them to stay open to meet the population’s needs, while small businesses were forced, being “non-essential,” to close or operate under restrictive measures for an extended period of time. The effects of the USG response are immeasurable.
  2. Along with the direct effects of the “pandemic”, the crises has also given the States of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin cover to unconstitutionally change their states’ voting laws, which had a significant impact on the 2020 election. Despite mountains of evidence being exposed to the public through state hearings and those media sources willing to give them, the courts including the Supreme Court of the United States, the FBI, the DHS, and the U.S. military have failed to hear cases, intervene, and/or stop the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election. No actions have been taken to reinstate the integrity of our federal elections. In fact, the “For the People Act 2021” bill put forth by the Democrat led congress, will solidify rigged elections for the foreseeable future of the United States. Without credible and verifiable elections, the United States of America is not a republic. On January 20th, 2021 , the United States installed its first illegitimate president/dictator despite an abundance of evidence of participation in business with foreign nations while serving in the USG office. Within his first 9 days in office, he has signed an unprecedented 40 executive orders. His executive rule resembles that of a dictator, taking actions that are not in line with the will of the American people. He has pledged to “eliminate America First policies” and rejoin global initiatives that are meant to ultimately reduce populations, bring the world under the NWO, and enslave the human race.
  3. The Supreme Court, in the landmark case Roe vs Wade upheld a woman's right to choose whether or not she can take the life of her unborn child. That choice has led to millions of abortions in the US and overseas at taxpayer expense, the sale of human fetuses to research labs by abortion clinics, and overall one of the greatest moral tragedies in the history of mankind. Abortion to the globalists is nothing but a form of population reduction and a way to boost scientific advancements. “The right to choose” is immoral… whereas the right to life is sacred and should be treated that way by the state.
  4. In the year 2001, the United States Congress passed the “Patriot Act”. The Patriot act opened the floodgates for the U.S. government to spy on its law abiding citizens without due process. In 2013, Edward Snowden blew the whistle and revealed that the National Security Agency had been and continues to collect phone, text, internet, social media, and email data from all U.S. citizens. This is an egregious violation of the constitution for all Americans. Now, shortly after the suspected false flag “riot” at the capitol building on January 6th, 2021, our corrupt congress is in talks of focusing their spying on conservatives and is already labeling them “domestic terrorists” and “domestic extremists.” These corrupted members of congress are currently introducing a bill that would remove the ability of citizens to gain or renew security clearances if they have participated in events or movements that are related to “conspiracy theories against the U.S. Government.” This is a calculated move to remove patriots from armed forces. This action will create a military that is loyal to the new regime and willing to participate in their global conquests and the new “war on terror” in the USA. These are all obvious infringements upon our fundamental rights. It is a direct attack on the American people by the USG.
  5. The illegitimate Biden/Harris regime has proposed giving legal status to millions of illegal citizens in the United States. This would further upend our country which has been spiraling downward for years. The presence of millions of illegal aliens degrades the experience of those which have taken years to migrate legally into the United States. The majority of illegal aliens work in skilled trades or labor jobs. Their presence drives down the cost of skilled labor, which makes it very difficult for legal citizens and residents in the trades to compete and earn a living. The U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch have no current plans to uphold immigration laws in the United States.
  6. In our year, 2021, “Big Tech” companies have become the de-facto arbiters of free speech in the United States. Few companies, working in conjunction with one another have taken coordinated actions to erase the presence of conservatives, including the President of the United States and millions of Americans from the internet. These companies that hold a monopoly on internet speech and e-commerce are active members taking part in the NWO agenda.
  7. The NAFTA trade deal, signed in 1993 and China’s entrance to the World Trade Organization shortly thereafter, left millions of middle class Americans competing with labor in other countries who were working for pennies on the dollar. These trade deals were done intentionally to spread middle class American prosperity throughout the world, all while increasing the profits of large international corporations. Countless U.S. cities have been desecrated by unemployment, high crime, and drug abuse resulting from these trade deals. Our corrupt “leaders” knew where these trade deals would leave Americans, but chose to lie to Americans in order to line their own pockets and move the NWO agenda forward. Americans have been left with low paying jobs and a rising cost of living. Over half of Americans today report living paycheck to paycheck with little governmental promotion to change it.
  8. The United States Government has failed to uphold the Rule of Law protecting business owners and citizens from violent attacks. This is evidenced by reviewing the events of the Summer of 2020. Rioters and looters, under the guise of fighting for social justice, in many cities, burned city blocks to the ground and robbed businesses with almost no interjection from law enforcement. Many of the targets were minority and women owned small businesses. The City of Seattle was overtaken by a group of radical-marxists who were cheered on by Leftist politicians. President Trump offered countless times to help stop the violence but was only met with resistance. This not only goes against the obligation of the USG to protect us, but in fact implicates the USG and governments of those cities in acts of violence against U.S. citizens.

The federal government of the United States is corrupt beyond repair and has failed to uphold and enforce the Constitution of the United States. The State of Wisconsin has failed to uphold the Constitution of Wisconsin.

We can and we will govern ourselves in a way that is aligned with Morality, Law and Order, Strength, Wisdom, and Equality

Therefore, We the People of the counties listed below in the State of Wisconsin, are declaring the formation of a new state, while simultaneously declaring independence from the United States of America.

*Adams County, Barron County, Brown County, Buffalo County, Burnett County, Calumet County, Chippewa County, Clark County, Columbia County, Crawford County, Dodge County, Door County, Dunn County, Florence County, Fond du Lac County, Forest County, Grant County, Green Lake County, Iron County, Jackson County, Jefferson County, Juneau County, Kenosha County, Kewaunee County, Lafayette County, Langlade County, Manitowoc County, Marathon County, Marinette County, Marquette County, Monroe County, Oconto County, Oneida County, Outagamie County, Ozaukee County, Pepin County, Pierce County, Polk County, Portage County, Price County, Racine County, Richland County, Rusk County, St. Croix County, Sawyer County, Sauk County, Shawano County, Sheboygan County, Taylor County, Trempealeau County, Vernon County, Vilas County, Walworth County, Washburn County, Washington County, Waukesha County, Waupaca County, Waushara County, Winnebago County, Wood County, Lincoln County

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