Wireless Internet For Hazlehurst

Charles Brown
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Ok, I'm going to make this quick. How do you access the internet? Are you frustrated at times when it goes down, or is too slow? Do you by any chance live outside the reach of the current offerings in Jeff Davis such as Mediacom or AT&T? How would you like to have a stable, affordable internet connection? I am looking to see if the potential customer base would be sufficient enough to pursue this dream of mine in the Hazlehurst area and I figured to turn the masses. This wireless connection could cover the areas of Hazlehurst, Snipesville, Denton, Handtown, and other outlying areas of Jeff Davis county that currently do not have broadband access.(Broadband access is not the Alltel plug-N-play nor the 3G dongle offered by Verizon.) Please sign this petition.


Pro-Tech Solutions LLC Monroe Communications Air-Wave Broadband





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