Windsor Place Townhomes Property Manager Resignation

Ryan Lambeth
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We the tenants of Windsor Place Townhomes located at 3535 14th St. Plano, TX, 75074 request the resignation of the current property manager. We the tenants cite the following reasons. - Condescending and arrogant attitude - Incompetence in planning and implementing upgrades or solutions to tenants problems - Lack of urgency to fix issues on the property - Complete lack of respect to the tenants in general - Projects undertaken on tenants property without proper notification - Projects undertaken and not completed thus having a negative fact on the tenants and their property in effect costing tenants money. - Detriment to the community as a whole. We ask that Realty Appreciation act immediately to resolve this issue with the current property manager by having her removed or that she tenders her resignation.




  • 4 years ago
    Lateasha Amos United States
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