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Petition for Wind Energy Corporation "Every guy that ran for president clear back to Nixon said he would make us energy independent, but not one (blank) thing has been done" claims T Boone Pickens, founder of Mesa Petroleum that challenged the big oil companies. Now, he is investing in wind turbines. Wind energy is clean renewal energy. Let us, the People, petition our representatives and senators to implement a Wind Energy (WEC)Corporation to produce power from wind energy. It will reduce global warming, our dependency on oil, price of oil, oil imports and trade deficit. Dollar will appreciate and we will save money as imported goods cost less. It will create employment; and open markets to manufacturers. It will free our foreign policy from oil. Our leaders will not be obligated to support dictators and tyrants. We will no longer be the hated American. We will be safer both at home and abroad. Also, we will set an example for other nations to follow. We must present a People's petition. It would demonstrate that we are committed to make ourselves energy independent and to reduce global warming. Our petition will be an example for others; projects initiated and supported by People will mushroom all over the world. THE PETITION We, the People, petition that 1. The Federal Government invests $25 billion per year, roughly 22.5 cents per day for each of the 303.824.000 citizens, in a Wind Energy Corporation (WEC) for production, use and storage of power generated from wind energy. 2. The money for WEC should be raised by Federal tax rate increases on all items except the individual income tax. 3. The additional tax rate, Wind Energy Tax (WET), must be adjusted annually based on collected funds. Excess amount, if collected, must be maintained in an Escrow account to reduce collections the following year. Shortages must be made up by short-term interest bearing borrowings from US Treasury. 4. The money collected must regularly fund WEC so it can effectively operate. 5. WEC must be held in a Trust for the benefit of the People. 6 The Trust must be managed by U.S Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO) in collaboration with a Board of Trustees consisting of one member each from, United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), United States Department of Energy (U.S.DOE); Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Structural Engineers Association (SEA), American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to ensure oversight of WEC by the world�s best experts. 7. WEC must be operated as a business according to applicable Federal and State laws. 8. WEC must engage in (a) research and development (R&D) of technologies associated with power production from wind energy, power transmission and storage, and (b) installation and operation of wind turbines, transmission lines, power storage systems, and support equipment. Its goal must be to effectively produce power from wind energy so the nation can achieve self sufficiency. 9. WEC must supplement and not replace other efforts and initiatives to attain energy sufficiency. WEC must deal exclusively with power production from wind energy. We support other clean power production methods and hope they would be implemented. 10. WEC must operate and maintain wind turbines and market the power. It must be audited annually. We, the People, must be provided an Annual shareholder�s report via internet or in print form when requested in writing. A website must be maintained so progress can be monitored by us and feedback provided, as appropriate,. 11. WEC must, on five year average, spend at least 80 percent of its annual budget on installation, operation, and maintenance of power producing wind turbines, and necessary infrastructure. The wind turbines must be installed on public land, on donated property, and offshore. Site selection must utilize generally accepted cost/benefit analysis to ensure optimum return on investment. On conclusion of the first five years, with 80% expenditure of the annual budget on power production there would be approximately 30,000 wind turbines installations capable of generating 75,000 Megawatts of electricity, sufficient to meet the need of 20 million homes. 12. WEC must purchase services, components and systems made in the US to create jobs. At the conclusion of five years there would be approximately 100,000 direct jobs and 250,000 indirect jobs contributing taxes to the US Treasury and welfare of the society. 13. WEC must procure all services by bid to ensure fair and open competition. 14. WEC must generate energy to the maximum extent economically feasible. Excess energy must be stored by appropriate method, e.g., in chemical form as hydrogen by electrolysis of water or in mechanical form as water at a higher potential. 15. WEC must sell hydrogen for use in transport or in furnaces. Hydrogen availability would make fuel-cell based transport competitive and popular. This would reduce pollution in our cities. 16. WEC must sell oxygen if it generates income. 17. Sale of energy, hydrogen and oxygen would generate income. We estimate power produced by WEC will reduce approximately 280 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to that emitted by 60 million cars at the conclusion of five years. 18. WEC must supplement its budget with earned income so the operating budget and wind-turbine installations continue to increase each year. We estimate there would be approximately 75,000 installations, 150,000 direct jobs, 375,000 in-direct jobs, and reduction of 700 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to that emitted by 150 million cars, after ten years. 19. WET must be discontinued when the nation has achieved energy sufficiency. 20. WEC must continue operating. WEC must annually donate funds greater than operating budget to the Social Security fund thus returning back to us, the People, the money we invested in WEC.


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