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To The United States Supreme Court.

Will you Make The Voting Process Great Again!

Don’t let your vote go uncounted, deleted, discarded, manipulated, protect it! If your vote can be tampered with, you lose your constitutional authority.

Have we been deceived, misled and tricked by misinformation that affected the vote? What is the main stream news media hiding from you, there are some media sources revealing testimonies of fellow citizens experiencing voter suppression and being bullied.

We, the citizens of the United States of America join with the patriots, law abiding citizens, and the laws that demand vote integrity, in a unified petition for a correction to qualify legitimate votes, according to state laws. We demand the removal of disqualified votes per state laws. Where there are lawless acts, let them be punished, to the fullest extent of the law the person, group or entity quickly!

In order to restore faith in the elective and solemn process we must carefully read , consider, and act on the validated information (examples below) that are emerging and being hidden from us. Let your voice be heard while it still makes a difference!

How did this happen? Don’t let the liars with pen and camera deceive. These are real reports.

Inactive voter list fraud...

*Ballots all across the USA were cast in dead peoples names, grossly exaggerating the Democratic Party numbers and proven by sworn testimony.

Back Dates...

*100,000 + ballots in Pennsylvania are fraudulent based on mailing dates. They are post marked returned before they were mailed. A eyewitness USPS truck driver has sworn testimony of hundreds of thousands ballots moved from NY to Pennsylvania.

*The City of Philadelphia (brotherly love) knowingly did and continue to resist an authorized court order for Republicans, not Democrats, to observe critical ballot validating activities. This allowed for fraudulent ballots to pass as valid.

*Dominion elections hardware & software Digital systems have surely been tampered with throughout the United States. Michigan’s Department of State has admitted flaws that took votes from Trump and gave them to Biden. Now cases are being discovered across America. A full and complete investigation is imperative! The entire platform needs to be investigated for accuracy and where anomalies are found corrected and reviewed for criminal activity!

*Ballots burned in Boston, California, military ballots, and many reports that need full investigation.

*The media skew of social platforms, blackout reporting, deception and outright bias is unprecedented. We must write our elected officials to speak up for hard working citizens votes to elect our President not let them select our President based on hidden agendas.

Let’s join together and support the Trump - Pence agenda to complete an honest election. Demand that this situation be remedied before a smooth transfer of power takes place

Make Your vote count and America great again! Support this petition.

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