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I am signing to confirm that i will stop buying EA s FIFA video games in the future until they take away the handicap imposed on me and my opponents

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I am here signing to confirm that i will stop buying EA s FIFA video games in the future until they take away the handicap imposed on me and my opponent in my favour or against during matches in various modes within the game.

EA has never made it official that this element is in FIFA but 99% of the game community know its present in the game and even the developers team know it. Its referred to also as Momentum or Scripting as in scripted events.Everyone involved knows about it and know why its its to no avail to continue trying to make them confess something they wil never confess. The only thing that will make them reflect on taking it away from the game and not letting the game itself , the community and EA s own yearly sales go down rapidly each year is that we make our voice heared by signing this petition and once having enough signitures send it to EA in various ways and contacting honest game review websites.

The final Target here is that we have a video game simulating the beloved game of football/Soccer which is based on meritocracy , a game in which results are reflected on what happened during a sports event and that most of the time the winning team is the one that played better. The vital elements that lead to the final results of a football match in FIFA videogames should be the ingame virtual footballers attributes and skills , the team tactics employed and the skill and concentration of the real life person controlling them.Luckshould be left depending on the luck of the real life person involved and errors and mistakes should depend on the lack of concentration level or lack of skill of the real life person playing the game or the lack of skill or lack of particular attributes of the virtual ingame footballers.

Virtual mistakes or successful executions in passing, shooting, tackling , heading and goalkeeping should be calculated by a percantage in direct relationship to the attributes and skill of the ingame virtual footballers. The game physics engine should be genuine and balls deflected into corners , into throw ins or deflected onto defenders into own goals or balls perried by goalkeepers should be calculated by an honest actual virtual pyhsics simulation system and not depending on who has the handicap in favour or against at that given moment. A shot hitting the post or the bar should also be calculated this way taking in consideration the individual in game virtual footballer attributes and skills , his position on the pitch , if he is pressed by opponents or not and the time he has on the bal , all these plus the in game virtual pyhsics simulation should determine this happening or not.

Each situation on the pitch should be determined by the concentration and skill of the real person playing the game , the team tactics employed and the ingame virtual footballers attributes and skills. The only elements that should increase or decrease a virtual footballer s attributes and skills original values during a match should be a their body position ,the player s position on the pitch , opponent pressing and fatigue/fitness.

I want a comepetitive football videogame simulating real life events that is based on meritocracy and reflecting the human capicity and knowledge of the person controlling a virtual football team ,the attributes and skills of his virtual footballers and the custom tactics employed to determine if i win or lose a virtual football match. Until than i will not buy the FIFA franchise anymore as a protest.


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