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Hello Nintendo Customer Service, as I assume you will be who gets this message. My name is Aaron, I represent the largest Mario Kart Forum on the internet as their Community Administrator, I also own and operate three other forums, one of which is Nintendo-specific as well. Unfortunately, this writing isn't fanmail, but rather a direct rebuttal to your recent decision to balk at an Ambassador Program for the Wii U. This decision, to me and thousands of other early adopter's that bought your systems at launch seems to be on the same tone as your other nearsighted decisions of late. To be more precise on your lack of good decisions of late, lets examine the very inclination to rush the Wii U to market while only marginally functional. Leaving us with 20 retailing game titles, half available on Microsoft and Sony Systems for 8 long months. Now, you refuse to even acknowledge 3 million Nintendo Fans objected to the clear media assault on your company, and bought your system anyway only for you to finally give in to media pressure and cut the price on a system barely even 6 months old. Some of us drove hundreds of miles to find your system on launch. Other's unwrapped it for Christmas. Others saved and saved to purchase your system - the ideal combo starting out a whole $100 more than it's predecessor. Yet you refuse to give us even a free Super Mario Bros. Virtual Console download? Typically we don't expect much. We're Nintendo fans, afterall. We had the Gamecube when it was so unpopular to have. We didn't waiver our love of the Wii when it was clear our friends loved Call of Duty on the Playstation 3 more. However, your lack of appreciation for early adopter's is starting to make this love seem a little one-sided. I would have expected more from you, Nintendo. You're slowly evolving into Sony, with their disregard for the fanbase that forms the core of your console. The only downside for you is, you don't dominate the market like Sony. Imagine the press had the thousands of us not rushed out to buy your system when it launched. Something like "Wii U fails to sale even a million units by March 2013" would have had a deeper wound, don't you think? That's what you're risking by your continued arrogance and disregard for your core fan base. This move isn't to just reward myself or a couple of friends with free material. It's about doing what any well established company should do, and give thanks to it's most compassionate consumer's, especially after those consumer's were blighted with expensive and otherwise worthless products like the Wii U has been up to this point. I don't expect a speedy reply, or any reply, but remember Nintendo, you can only disregard the core base for so long until we move on to other systems. The extra $100 for a Playstation 4 isn't looking half bad at this point, anyway. So I ask that you reexamine your balking response to an Ambassador Program, or at least explore additional venues to give thanks to all 4 million early adopters of your console, the ones that bought a console only to have it collect dust because you brought no material to market for it in it's first year of release. Thank you for all your time,

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