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Widow And Children Seek Justice

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https://www.gofundme.com/f/oyqt5cHello ,Buenos Dias to all .

God says He protects the borders of the widows and the orphans. Isaiah 61:8-9 says “For I The LORD love justice. I hate robbery and wrong with violence or a burnt offering .And I will faithfully Give Them Their Recompense”

JUSTICE FOR RONNIE!..When my Dear husband Ronnie passed I never could have imagined that I would face such injustices.It has been years and I still am seeking the wrongs to be made right by my husbands business partner .These injustices came from not only from people we thought we knew but from the legal system as well. Ronnie was a 50/50 partner in a business and Texas is a community property state and the law states at his passing I and his children inherited his part of the business. Therefore to make a longer story short his one business partner is to either buy me out or bring me on into the day to day operations. The partner failed to honor he and Ronnie’s agreement and the law.Also he and another guy basically took the business for themselves and are keeping the profits.There are certain laws in place that will allow the surviving partner to secure records of the deceased that normally would only be made available to immediate family. This allows the business to continue doing business. However, the decedents spouse/children are often times left with nothing.Although the state says it’s yours you have rights.. but now you must fight for them and the fight requires taking legal actions which requires money and time (lots of it ) ! Many wives such as myself in cases like this have made tremendous sacrifices to stay home , be taxi , chef, educator etc to children and more. Also , with obtaining legal representation not all lawyers act or follow the Rules Of Professional Conduct. Some of them take money and do very little to move your case in the direction of a good resolution. More lawyers need to be held accountable for their actions as well. That is another battle ! I have seen business partners and others take a part of our rightful inheritance and also lawyers take as well. With this said the laws need to change in regards to the death of a partner and how things should be handled . I want to say that I have read numerous stories/cases on Injustice on widows. As we live we all will die one day. We need to prepare and do what is right and just for self and others . The laws need to change so that business owners will have to and without haste do the right thing in regards to the successor in interest or rightful heirs. Your prayers and support of this petition are greatly appreciated.We want to see a narrow window of time where the surviving spouse and children have been awarded their inheritance or the business owner has to halt their business and or certain privileges are taken away . I would say this .. do not allow the business partner to acquire the deceased death certificate from public records until the right thing is done .Under normal circumstances this is not allowed . The law only allows the immediate family to get the death certificate. This certificate is needed to change up the business, and other things . I can see some things valid here but what is happening is that there are those whom are selfish ,greedy and are thinking only of themselves and not of the widows/widowers or their children. This needs to stop ! No longer shall one have to be tied up in the court system raking out money left and right to obtain what they have rightfully earned ,sacrificed and paid into . I urge that Senators, Representatives and legislative leaders get a bill to law and it will require that within 30 days of the death of a partner there will be a meeting between the parties inheritors/current partner and there shall be a plan on the table to buyout at a rate to be determined depending on ownership interest and value of the business etc .or the business will be hit with fines to accrue daily . A resolution /payment agreed on by the parties involved should be finalized within 90 days . Please sign this petition and share . Muchas Gracias Thank You Kindly For more on story please visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/oyqt5c

Zachariah 4:6

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