Re-Open 'Why You Not Lansed Unforgiven III'!!!!

Ryan Malone
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Recently, the moderators at decided that it was the right decision to lock a certain thread entitled 'Why You Not Lansed Unforgiven III'. Whilst it was obviously, a massive typo in the title of the thread, it became a rather humerous thread for people to, shall I say, 'cool off in', especially with all the complaining about the new albums production issues that have been taking over the majority of the forum. This petition is aimed at the moderators of MetallicaBB, in a plea for them to re-open this great thread, so that it can continue on, into the history of MetallicaBB as one of the most popular threads of all time, and also, the most pointless of them all. This petition means no disrespect to the moderators at MetallicaBB, it just emphasises that we do need a little humor, in these... shall I say... tough times... Please 'lanse' this petition below to show your support!!! Thankyou, and may the 'lanse' be with you....