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why women shouldn't have to wear make-up

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1) By not wearing make-up, and showing that you have imperfections means that you are a positive role-model for women, who are insecure about the way that they look by professionally made up, and airbrushed celebrities. 2) The only thing they really want you to make an effort with, would be your ability to hold a conversation, and your ability to act as though you have a right to be there. These abilities would create a much longer lasting impression, and they would be much more likely to want to spend more time with you. 3) Basic human hygiene, like taking a shower, brushing your teeth and general cleanliness are fine, because they prevent diseases and contamination. If women feel they have to go further to achieve a man’s attention, such as wearing make-up and altering their appearance, the message it sends home would be that they are insecure in their own skin, and wish to alter aspects of themselves. 4) It’s fair enough however, if they wish to use make-up to express their personality, as that is remaining true to who they are, and allow aspects of your identity to be emitted. If they feel pressurized into wearing it by others, who feel that the only way to seduce a boy would be to alter their appearance, it will ultimately regress their self-concept, as they will feel that they aren’t good enough as whom they are. Therefore, they would feel less confident in themselves, when talking to men, as the serotonin levels in their brain would decrease, causing them to feel more anxious and less approachable. 6) Scientific chemical evidence indicates that men aren’t attracted to make-up, but their natural scent. Men’s testosterone levels are significantly higher, when they smell a woman’s pheromones. There is even more evidence which indicate that this is even more seductive than artificial perfumes. 9) Women spend more than £180,000 in a lifetime on beauty products, but counsellor Mo Kurimbokus argues: ‘When a woman doesn’t wear makeup, her natural beauty is on display. Also, some men find it a real turn-off to kiss a woman, and find that they are smeared with make-up. It can sometimes act as a barrier, rather than a come-on.’ 10) If a woman displays some imperfections, then men won’t feel pressurized to alter their appearance either. The relationship would thus be based upon acknowledging the contact of their character, rather than feeling constantly paranoid and insecure. 11) If women appear more fresh-faced and natural, they possess a youthful quality of being child-like and innocent. This is something that stimulates men on a sub-conscious level to crave. 12) If people can’t accept you for whom you are, and what you look like, then that’s their problem. You should be proud of who you are, and not try to hide behind make-up. People, who try to pressurize you into doing something, just because in their opinion it’s socially acceptable, aren’t worth the hassle, and it is ultimately discrimination, as it makes a person feel that the only thing they care about within their relationship with them is solely based on looks and appearance. This can be interpreted as being shallow and small-minded, and they may end up very lonely one day. 13) If you are confident enough, you will inevitably find a man that cares about who you are, and not what you look like, and you will find much more happiness this way. 14) If you want to wear make-up, because you feel it makes you feel more attractive, and more confident, that’s absolutely fine. Just don’t try to pressurize others to do the same, just because you think that it’s socially acceptable.

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